Quonsettville Regional Correctional Facility is a minimum security prison.

It stands at the southern end of Gooseneck Road, east of East Quonsett and northeast of Fat Springs.

It was established in 1978, on land given to the Vermont Department of Corrections by Mrs Valerianca Tocqueville, who gave the land specifying only that it be used “to help Vermonter women in need”.

The prison holds 50 female inmates, and has three wings: the Main Wing, the Valerianca Tocqueville Wing, and the Ann Miller Wing (named after the famous musical star).

The prison governor is 55-year-old Ms Gretel Goolilly. Miss Goolilly’s favourite pastime (and really only pastime) is fly fishing (in summer), and fly-tying (in winter).

The prison’s Senior (and only) social worker is 45-year-old Lavinia Halliday.

The prison has a day release program, in which prisoners are allowed to work in local businesses, to gain work experience and provide service to the community.

The prison also grows berries in its berry orchards. Some of these berries are sold to the Berrydelicious Berry Farm across the Quackquois River, while the rest is turned into the facility’s gourmet condiment Jailbird Jam in the facility’s kitchen.

The prison uniform is dull blue denim blouse and skirt, or dull blue denim shirt and pants. Cardigans of an inmate’s own design can also be worn, excepting those designs deemed offensive by the prison governor.

Preachers / ministers from all five churches in Quonsettville regularly visit the prison, though none on Sundays.

The prison’s weekly newsletter is called The Big House.


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