Concerns of a small town in Vermont

Listed below are some real life problems towns in Vermont are facing … and they could provide you with real and relevant plot twists in your story:

• historical town walks

• algal or algae blooms on the local lake

• triathlon around the pond

• electronics recycling

• community dinners

• liquids and other items clogging drains and entering water systems: paper towels, disposable diapers, tampons and applicators, sanitary napkins, hair, rags, dryer lint, cleaning/disinfectant wipes, cigarette butts, Q-Tips, dental floss, bandages, condoms, cotton balls, facial tissues, flushable wipes, candy wrappers, paper, cloth, plastic film, food scraps, bacon grease and deep fry oil … as these can become fatbergs!

• road closures due to triathlon

• summer solstice celebrations: celebrating the solstice with some good company, food and drink, and some painting

• natural springs and water resources on your property

• reducing your environmental footprint

• aerating local lakes

• vacant jobs at the local library

• creation of new school district/s

• merging school districts

• restructuring of grade configurations and closure of school buildings

• availability and pick-up points for Green Up bags

• hazardous waste disposal and mobile waste collection schedules

• dog license renewals

• absentee voting

• fundraisers for new playground equipment

• meetings for new playground equipment

• calls for tenders for the operator services for the town’s Public Drinking Water System. Services include collection of samples, reporting, routine operation and maintenance of the water system, hydrant flushing, coordination with town and State officials

• getting a ride with someone else to attend a meeting in another town

• summer programmes for local kids

• playground equipment needs, and issues with buying and choosing appropriately

• local historical preservation society

• last minute change of meeting location

• Little League elections

• cyanobacteria blooms at a local beach

• multi-family garage sale

• community dinner

• bottle drive

• Crisis Response Plan development and implementation

• local job postings

• planning commission meetings and issues

• library trustee meetings and issues

• public budget information meetings and issues

• select board meetings and issues (for the meaning of select board, click here)

• recreation planning meetings and issues

• Legislative Breakfasts: local concerned residents can breakfast with their local representatives and (presumably, hopefully) network and discuss issues with them

• dairy summit – addressing the challenges and opportunities in the dairy sector

• prohibition of the plowing / blowing of snow into or across a State or Town Highway

• decreasing population (locals, especially younger people, moving away for work opportunities / a better life)

• bringing investment into town

• public budget meetings

• emails CC’d to a number of people … so now the whole town knows your business

• town reports

• voting, and voter eligibility



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