Euphoria Rivers – Facts and Figures

Euphoria Dubonnet Rivers was born on January 26th, 1948, in Quonsettville, Vermont.

She is pictured (right), in her garden on W. Robespierre Street in Quonsett Cascade.

She lived in Quonsettville until she married Preston Penrose (“P. P.”) Rivers in 1970, when the couple moved to Burlington, Vermont.

The couple have 3 children: Cynthia, known as “Cissy” (b. 1972); Preston Jr., known as “Pres” (pron. Press) (b. 1974); and Garforth, known as “Gary” (b. 1976).

Euphoria and P.P. have six grandchildren, including Preston III aka Three-Pee, who was born in 1996.

Euphoria is left-handed.

Euphoria was a homemaker until she established the Li’l Twirler Dance Academy in 1979 in Burlington, although she had no training in dance beyond a one-time subscription to the New York City Ballet and semi-regular attendances at local folk dancing events.

Once her children were off her hands, Euphoria went to college, earning a Master of Library Information and Science by correspondence, from Tawahus University, graduating in 2000.

2008 was a big year for Euphoria. She was given the position as Chief Librarian at the Quonsettville Municipal Library, returned to live in her home town, and celebrated her 60th birthday.

She has always been a pillar of her local community but as her older sister Euphratia LaBeau once said, “Be warned: my sister will bend over backwards for you but back her into a corner and she will come out all guns blazing.”

Euphoria’s younger sister Eugenica Hunnicutt was probably less kind in her appraisal.

Euphoria currently drives a (quite unreliable) faded champagne pink 2013-model Dodge Dart. She used to have an electric, bright-red Kia Soul but that seems to be on permanent loan to her grandson Preston III (aka Three-Pee). So she’s still driving the noisy Dart around town.

Euphoria’s husband P.P. drives a sunset orange 2007-model Dodge Dakota Crew Cab pickup truck. This was Euphoria’s gift to him (some called it a “bribe”) when they returned to live in Quonsettville in 2008, when Euphoria accepted the chief librarian’s job.

Euphoria teaches 2 dance classes to adults and seniors at the LaChute Community Center; the class particularly focused on seniors is her Twinges in the Hinges class.

Euphoria owns a golden retriever by the name of Clover, named after Vermont’s state flower, red clover. Clover is about 18 months old, and she is a rescue dog.

Euphoria’s favorite writers are Alice Munro and F. Scott Fitzgerald. In high school, she was especially partial to the works of Ernest Hemingway, though now she wonders what all the fuss was about. Secretly, however, she has the complete collection of Georgette Heyer which she enjoys rereading when she thinks no one (except her husband) can see her.

Below is an article from the local newspaper, about Euphoria’s original appointment as Municipal Chief Librarian.


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