Quonsettville – Facts and Figures

Quonsettville lies on the southeastern shore of Quonsett Pond.

The Quackquois River flows along the southern side of Quonsettville, and into Quonsett Pond at its southernmost point.

The center (or centre) of town is only 5 miles (or 8 km), so 8 minutes by car, from the US-Canadian border.

The main street is LaChute Street, which runs through downtown /  the town center / the Central Business District, connecting Quonsettville with Canada to the north, and Burlington (45 miles / 72 km) and Montpelier (80 miles / 129 km) to the south.

The town bird is the Eastern Towhee.

The local newspaper is The Quonsettville Quacker. Its office is at 230 LaChute Street.

Quonsettville was founded in 1793 by Théophile LaChute, a native of Québec, who established a tannery on the northern bank of the Quackquois River.

Nearby towns (whose populations are included in Census figures for Greater Quonsettville) include East Quonsett, Quonsett Cascade, and Fat Springs.

The town population, until librarian Euphoria Rivers left town in June 2019, was 6,874.


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