Quonsettville – Facts and Figures

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Quonsettville lies on the southeastern shore of Quonsett Pond.

The Quackquois River flows along the southern side of Quonsettville, and into Quonsett Pond at its southernmost point.

Quonsettville was founded in 1793 by Théophile LaChute, a native of Québec, who established a tannery on the northern bank of the Quackquois River. He named the town Quonsette-Ville, after his mother, Marie-Bathilde de Quonsette.

A statue of Théophile LaChute stands outside the Municipal Library on LaChute Street, near Lapierre Street.

Quonsettville’s population sprawls across three other towns (whose populations are included in Census figures for Greater Quonsettville), including East Quonsett, Quonsett Cascade, and Fat Springs. Quonsett Cascade lies on the southeastern side of Quonsettville, across the Quackquois River, while East Quonsett lies directly north of the main part of town. (Dunno why it’s north, it just is). Fat Springs lies on the eastern side of town, across the railroad tracks from Quonsettville proper, and is separated from Quonsett Cascade by Berrydelicious Berry Farm.

The center (or centre) of town is only 5 miles (or 8 km), so 8 minutes by car, from the US-Canadian border. Take Vermont State Route 237 and head north. Vermont State Route 237 starts in Highville (70 miles south of Quonsettville) and ends at the US-Canadian border at Descartes Hollow.

The main street is LaChute Street, which runs through downtown / the town center / the Central Business District, connecting Quonsettville with Canada to the north, and Burlington (45 miles / 72 km) and Montpelier (80 miles / 129 km) to the south.

LaChute Street forms part of Vermont State Route 237. As it heads north from LaChute Street, it becomes Nord Street (as it continues through East Quonsett) and then Descartes Hollow Road.

The town of Vesuviusville (pop. 202) lies 9 miles east. Take Lapierre Street, head due east across the railroad line, then continue along Marvelline Road (both form part of State Route 379) through Fat Springs … and keep going.

The Quonsettville town bird is the Eastern Towhee.

The town population, until librarian Euphoria Rivers left town in June 2019, was 6,874.



The Quonsettville Post Office stands on the corner of LaChute and Lapierre Streets, right in the heart of town. The town’s ZIP code is 05475.

The Municipal Library and Municipal Office are on LaChute Street, and the City Court is too.

A popular community meeting place is the LaChute Community Center on Nord Street in East Quonsett. Many community events and group meetings are held there.



The local newspaper is The Quonsettville Quacker. Its office is at 230 LaChute Street.

WQUO 103.7FM is the local radio station. It broadcasts from the corner of LaChute Street and Station Street, a mix of soft rock and country music Monday to Saturday, and Christian programs on Sunday.

WVOC 91.3FM is the local community radio station. It broadcasts opera and classical music.



The Musée de Théophile LaChute, on LaChute Street, is devoted to the life of Quonsettville’s founder. It is a bit tacky and down-at-heel and was recently described in a national museum guide as “not very good”.

The other museum in town is the Museum of Berry Growing.

Locals like swimming in summer at Gunnarson’s Beach Recreation Area.

Locals also enjoy a spot of fly fishing just west of the Happy-Go-Luverly Home-Away-From-Home Mobile Home Park.

Berrydelicious Berry Farm (which has no affiliation whatsoever with the Museum of Berry Growing – NONE!!!) is the town’s only major tourist attraction … after aquatic activities on Quonsett Pond.

You can see for miles and miles (ten miles at least) from the Ten Mile Lookout.

Pick up the latest best-seller (and quirky no-seller) at Leaves of Lorraine Book Nook on LaChute Street (opposite Lorraine Street).

Camp Kinnewarble is a popular summer camp for teens on the eastern edge of town.



Public schools are Quonsettville Elementary, Quonsettville Middle and Quonsettville High.

Private schools in Quonsettville are the St. Everine Catholic Girls Academy and the Lasalle Catholic Boys Academy.



These are located on and around Dimache Street.

Redeemer Bible Church

Savior Baptist Church

St. Balthazar’s Episcopal Church

St. Everine Catholic Church

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints



The Angry Squirrel Pool Room is on Marvelline Road.

The Quonsett Arms on LaChute street is the oldest pub in Quonsettville still providing hospitality.

Smugglers’ Hole Inn is another old pub, just NE of town on Smugglers’ Road, en route to Buttonbush Ridge (State Route 351).

There is a bar directly across Nord Street from the community center, called The Tipsey Towhee.

Other venues, many (though not all) of which are located on Lorraine Street, and include:

Chez Lorraine

Kale Express Vegan Café

Tsar Nicolai Russian Restaurant

Notre-Dame Tea Room

Sriracha Gourmet & Café

Korsakoff’s Cocktail Bar & Grill

International House of Pancakes

El Desperado Diner

Pakora Hut Indian Restaurant (which mostly does take-out and catering, despite its name)

The Moonlight Bar (on a pontoon in Quonsett Pond, only open May to September)

JJ’s Sandwich Shack (located near the Ferry Dock)

Evita’s Coffee



Stores include:

Amber Black Bridal Boutique

Lilah-Mae’s Flannel with Flair

Diamante’s Jeans Exchange (secondhand)

Riverwader Menswear

Nicolle’s Ile-de-Beauté Hair and Nail Salon

Toe2Toe Shoes



The Bridalvale-Quonsettville Ferry connects Quonsettville with the town of Bridalvale. Bridalvale lies across Quonsett Pond on its western shore, northwest of Quonsettville. The ferry only operates during the warmer months, May to September, and is a 15 minute trip. Tourists love it, but locals usually prefer to drive.

Sometimes a regional train stops at Quonsettville Station. Trains to and from Canada whistle through twice a day and only stop for emergencies or natural disasters.



The Station Hotel was once the most elegant establishment in town but now, it’s a little sadder. But you can still stay there and enjoy the faded atmosphere.

The Sequestre Street Motel is located near the ferry dock and Quonsett Pond attractions.

The town has two trailer parks:

• the Happy-Go-Luverly Home-Away-From-Home Mobile Home Park, at the end of Sweetspot Street in Quonsettville. It sits on the shore of Quonsett Pond, right beside the best fly fishing spot on the water. To get to this best fly fishing spot, you have to walk through the trailer park; and

Bloater Hill Trailer Park, on Marvelline Road, Fat Springs, on the right just as you’re heading east out of town, towards Vesuviusville. Locals never refer to it as Bloater Hill, though, they just refer to living there as “on Bloater”. “We live on Bloater” or “got a place on Bloater” which is a nice way of avoiding saying you live in a trailer park.



Rickard Wheeler is the local John Deere dealer in Quonsettville.

The Irving gas station stands on Lapierre Street. It is managed by a man called Sanjeev, who is quite possibly the only man from India living in Quonsettville.

Bill’s Garage is a long-standing shop for car repairs.

All your medications can be purchased at Quonsettville Pharmacy.

All your funeral arrangements can be made at Valentine’s Rest Funeral Home.

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