Who’s on The Shitlist so far?

(PLEASE NOTE – the characters listed below have all been created (or fleshed out) by other writers. If you include one or more in your story, please be mindful that it is best to include them as minor or peripheral or background characters, as you risk creating characters and traits untrue (or opposed) to their original intentions and inventors.)


Listed below are Quonsettville citizens who have made Euphoria RiversShitlist so far …

Delmar H. Dickerson – tradesman

Tristan Wheeler – ceramist

Rich Evans – pharmacist

Florrie Fayette – library volunteer

Labette Luricoix – school administrator

Darlene – Tipsey Towhee bartender

Hubris Braggadocio – retired history professor

Dexter Nail – hopeful author

Estelle Burgstaller – accompanist

Dayman de Malville – rude and reprehensible teen

Taylor de Malville – miscreant mother

Ninette Nebulouse – arts agitator

Frank Hauser – construction worker

Henry Devereux – former high school English teacher

Bambi Chaste – Miss Quonsettville 1969

Pastor Michael Burton – Redeemer Bible Church pastor

Valletta Vale – dark arts practitioner and teacher

Chester Manolo Franklin III – local planning officer

Agatha Mignonette and Taxie Molina – horrendous schoolgirls

Travis Johnson – snap-happy boy scout

“Buddy” Hunt – activist veteran

Neveah Warner – Beatrix Potter fan

Angus and Jasper Tipton – electrician and dog

Dwayne Hoffell – reckless father and amateur woodworker

Bethany Lorell – dog-groomer

Eve Durrant – student and book-lover