The Hue Questionnaire

Ah, back in the day, when Pure Slush was publishing a lot online, writers with online profiles were asked to answer The Hue Questionnaire.

Unique to Pure Slush and devised by PS editor Matt Potter, the questionnaire was answered by hundreds and hundreds of writers, to the delight of most. Some did find it a little silly, and about five either refused to answer it, or voted with their feet by never acknowledging it back.

All answers and non-answers, despite its lightheartedness, revealed a lot about the questioned, and sometimes painfully.

What would your answers be to The Hue Questionnaire?

What is your favourite colour? Why?

Do you wear this colour? How often and when?

What does the colour suggest to you?

What does it not suggest to you?

How long has it been your favourite colour?

When does it work best?

When does it not work for you?

How does the colour relate to you, or you relate to it?

Are you this colour or is this colour you?

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