Forthcoming Projects

We like to plan ahead at Pure Slush, so here are some projects you might like to think about.

(Please note, owing to our workload, the dates below were changed again on 20th November 2022.)

PLEASE NOTE: projects listed below are for 2022 and  2023. Some are for stories, essays, and poetry, while some are for stories only … so check!


Further down the track will come …

Boléro at Breakfast Music Folio 3  –  submissions open July 1st 2023

Loss Lifespan Vol. 9

The Absent Bassoonist Music Folio 4

The Lifespan series

The Music series

The 7 Days series

And even further down the track …  cnr California and Howard Pure Slush, You Can Always Go Back Again For More, The Uninvited and Maude Ward.



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