Anthologies – Themed

Pure Slush began publishing print anthologies in late 2011.

Listed below are Themed Anthologies. For the anthologies from A Year in Stories, click here.

For books by single authors, click here.

All anthologies listed below are also available in paperback and various eBook formats.

Themed Anthologies


Wrong Way Go Back Pure Slush Vol. 19

published October 2020

86 writers rue bad decisions …

The Tyranny of Bacon Pure Slush Vol. 18

published August 2020

90 writers celebrate the joys and sorrows of bacon

The Beautifullest Pure Slush Vol. 17

published May 2020

89 writers take on beauty

The Shitlist Pure Slush Vol. 16

published January 2020

36 writers dish the dirt

Pride 7 Deadly Sins Vol. 7

published May 2019

72 writers feel pride

Envy 7 Deadly Sins Vol. 6

published February 2019

103 writers get envious

Wrath 7 Deadly Sins Vol. 5

published January 2019

70 writers get wrathful

Sloth  7 Deadly Sins Vol. 4

published November 2018

67 writers get slothful

Greed  7 Deadly Sins Vol. 3

published August 2018

74 writers getting greedy

Gluttony  7 Deadly Sins Vol. 2

published June 2018

69 writers getting gluttonous

Lust  7 Deadly Sins Vol. 1

published March 2018

70 writers getting lusty

Happy² Pure Slush Vol. 15

originally published January  /  February 2018

73 writers riffing on the theme happy

Inane Pure Slush Vol. 14

originally published May 2017

57 writers riffing on the theme inane

Freak Pure Slush Vol. 13

originally published December 2016

55 writers getting their freak on …

Summer Pure Slush Vol. 12

originally published August 2016

ah! summer

Tall…ish Pure Slush Vol. 11

originally published June 2016

tall stories

Five Pure Slush Vol. 10

originally published January 2016

celebrating five years of Pure Slush publishing

Feast! Pure Slush Vol. 9

originally published April 2015

a feast of stories about food around the world taking place in real time

Barcode Pure Slush Vol. 8

originally published August 2013

bar stories

Catherine refracted Pure Slush Vol. 7

originally published June 2013

previously untold stories from the life of Catherine the Great

Obit. Pure Slush Vol. 6

originally published March 2013

remembering Webster Murphy Allen (1925 – 2012) … from many different viewpoints

Versus. Pure Slush Vol. 5

originally published February 2013

5 poets tackle … 15 themes … 75 different opinions

Gorge: a novel in stories Pure Slush Vol. 4

originally published December 2012

a  novel in stories, set during one day in a Maine restaurant

Real Pure Slush Vol. 3

originally published October 2012


Notausgang: emergency exit Pure Slush Vol. 2

originally published May 2012

writers on the theme emergency exit

Slut Pure Slush Vol. 1

originally published November 2011

writers on the theme slut … the perfect theme for Pure Slush’s first book!