Other Submission Info

This page includes information on Simultaneous Submissions, Payment, Author Copies and Publishing Rights.


Simultaneous Submissions

No, we don’t accept simultaneous submissions. We like to think you’re reserving your best work for us anyway!

Of course, we can’t check that the same work you submitted to Pure Slush is or isn’t submitted elsewhere, but we at Pure Slush are pretty upfront, so we expect the same of those who submit to us.



Pure Slush can’t pay contributors money, favours or in kind … but if you are in Adelaide, let us know and hopefully we can catch up for afternoon tea.


Submission Fees

No, we don’t charge submission fees. Some do, but we don’t.


Author Copies

Pure Slush uses print on demand (pod), which means that when you order your Pure Slush book online, it is then printed and shipped to you. (And you can’t order it any other way.) There are various services / websites that use print on demand, and the practice is not uncommon in online publishing.

So, in a nutshell, if you want a copy of a Pure Slush publication, you must pay for it. This includes writer contributors.

We do however, supply a PDF, ePub or Mobi copy if requested.

While no bleeding heart sob-story sympathy is sought, please be aware that if you submit work for a Pure Slush print anthology, if you want a copy, you will need to pay for it. If editors at Pure Slush want a copy, they too must pay for their copy.

So, think about this before you submit, if it proves or will prove a problem for you. We would love to be able to give all authors their own complimentary copy, but that’s not the system used.

Should you have any queries re this, please contact edpureslush@live.com.au.


Publishing Rights

Pure Slush reserves the right of first publication for all work it publishes (stories and poems, fiction and non-fiction) unless the work has been published elsewhere before it was submitted to Pure Slush. This includes personal author blogs, websites, print and also self-publishing.

If the work has been published beforehand, the editors of Pure Slush should be notified where and when it was published, when the work is first submitted to Pure Slush.

It is industry practice that authors do not publish work scheduled for publication by Pure Slush, on websites or in print beforehand, and Pure Slush operates under this same understanding.

Once your poem or story or essay is published by Pure Slush, it’s out there. But until it is published by Pure Slush, then we expect what is the industry norm, and that is your work is not published elsewhere, including personal author blogs and websites and other print books or eBooks.

Submission to Pure Slush constitutes acceptance of these terms.