Tips Before You Submit

(This may sound stupid, but it’s best to check …)

Is your spelling correct? (You should use the spelling that’s correct for your country. If you write colour, then write colour. If you write color, then write color.)

Is your word count correct and within submission word length limits?

Do you have too few paragraphs? (This is a common problem. Each new thought and speech should get its own paragraph, and almost always works better when broken up.)

Have you used terms or names or brand or product names that only a local (someone from your area) would understand? Here are some examples:

• a period in North America is a full stop in other parts of the English speaking world. Period only refers to a time span or the menstruation cycle outside North America, which it also refers to in North America;

fanny outside North America means vagina, not ass, arse, bum, bottom, rear-end and the dozens of other words used;

• to nurse a baby in some countries means to hold it, while in others it means to breast feed it;

• a local brand of drink that carries with it social implications (and perhaps character traits) will mean nothing outside that local area (or country) unless explained or unless the name itself says it all.

Gratuitous references to Australia (where this website is based) always read like gratuitous references.

Does your submission (if fiction) fit the prescribed theme or prompt?

Lastly, good luck!

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