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The dog is peering out of the car at him, head so far down his nose brushes the seat upholstery. “Is that it? Someone abandoned you?” Al’s ear twitches.

Guilie Castillo Oriard, The Hunt for Pélagie Solak


“You said you needed everything, here it is.” “Mr. Johnson, I said I need everything from 2013, not since the company started.”

Townsend Walker, La Ronde / Annie and Myron


Max is feeling okay. Between the Red Bull, Viagra and pain pills his symptoms have disappeared.

Derek Osborne, Skullduggery


Serena, the Borderline Secretary pointed out thirteen of my errors to Stan Stealth, my Sociopathic boss and so he had a fit, jumping on his chair while I sat next to it pretending to be intimidated.

Gloria Garfunkel, Conflict


“I am 74 years old and do you know what? I have never seen pornography.”

John Wentworth Chapin, Rose


There’s a bored looking guy with a camera at the next table. I look at him and he smiles at me, gives me a thumbs up. Maybe I can get his number.

Lynn Beighley, Kiss Off


“Accept. Give it over to Jesus and to Our Lady,” he says. I try. They say God will never give you a bigger burden than you can carry, never.

Andrew Stancek, My Bunny


My meager pay is having a lot of trouble standing up to the fine dining that Blake loves. Even when we stay in, I spend premium money on starfruit (his favorite), arborio rice, and organic meats.

Rachel Ambrose, Better Bring an Umbrella


No knickers necessary. Stockings a must. Apart from that, I know Neil prefers little black dresses with low backs and fronts …

Gill Hoffs, Two in the Hand are Worth One in the Bush


Edward holds his breath. Except for Eleanor, he assumes most people don’t notice his emotions. “The position wouldn’t begin until June. Are you interested?”

Jessica McHugh, Fevered


“I trust it was all positive.” I know Sandra has a habit of revealing the little dirt she has on me to all and sundry.

Shane Simmons, All Greased Up, Nowhere to Go


As Stevie reaches into his backpack he weighs what he dislikes about Rick, starting with the fact that he knows it was Rick – Rickie back then – who stole his Star Wars lunchbox in the seventh grade.

Michelle Elvy, No. 2 Pencil


“You’re awake,” Heather says. Heather. I picked her up at a cowboy bar back in Fargo and it was her idea to come here because she said the stars from this site were so big they looked like freight cars.

Len Kuntz, Country Stars


“Twainie!” he says in his friendliest tone. “Just a little B12, man.” In the faux casual world of baseball, even nicknames have nicknames.

Michael Webb, Fourth Inning


With the table stripped of varnish he settles down in the parlor and sups a glass of stout. The floor is patterned with sawdust and he trails the toe of his shoe in the dust, spelling out her name.

James Claffey, A Dose of the Leather


Diane frowns at him. “We didn’t do anything. We simply stated an opinion: you shouldn’t be selfish when you kill yourself. You can think about others.”

Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz, The Rules We Shall Die By


“You undercover?” he says. “Nah, you’re no cop. Come here to party? What’d you bring?” My hand goes to my back pocket. “I have a little cash, if that’s what you want.” I’m glad I gave the twenty to Sara.

Stephen V. Ramey, That Earthy Trace


A thought makes her shiver. She knows she can’t resist this urge. Doesn’t want to. In the bathroom, she lifts the hammer above her shoulder, catches sight of her face in the mirror.

Gay Degani, Flipping Out


Between the milking and this new cheese job my time editing the book will be limited but rest assured, I am fully-committed and intend using my time well by developing new skills as a power-editor.

Sally-Anne Macomber, And no one told me!


“It’s all this global warming,” she says. “It’s turning everything upside down. First we had to put on the heater on Christmas Day …

Mandy Nicol, Snakes in April


“But you don’t know my son,” Nora had said, her gray eyes flashing. “My son has never been determined in his life. No direction, always complacent. This isn’t like him at all!”

Margaret Bingel, Dr. Stanley Runs Late


Give me a few minutes alone to think this thing out. I’ll try again later. I’ve got plenty of paper and this hospital pen, if that’s what this place is.

Darryl Price, It’s Bright in Here


Rachel and Gail aren’t chummy. They don’t do lunch and Rachel rarely joins the after work cocktail coven and gossip. She’s always been impatient with Gail’s ups, downs, and daily dramas.

Teresa Burns Gunther, Patience


I guess this probably means I needn’t turn up for my admin job at Grigor’s psychiatry practice on Monday either. “Where is she?!” I hear Grigor’s voice, deep and desperate. “What does she think she’s doing?!”

Matt Potter, Morgana Malone and the Miracle of St Francis Xavier


Macy (I didn’t yet know this was her name) was alone. She seemed made to be seen. Savannah was at home, asleep, with our two kids.

Gary Percesepe, Affair


The policeman lifts him by a single arm and tosses him on the bed, face down and ass up. Within seconds, his hands are tied to the bedposts, reminding him of many nights with Sarah, only then he was ass down and face up.

Nathaniel Tower, Samford’s Under the Bed


There are bits of shredded parachute and pieces of a sun-fried ribcage impaled on the blade. It plays over and over on the news and Mum can’t stop looking at it.

Kimberlee Smith, Aftermath


“Youre not ugly,” my cousin Sally had told me the summer we both turned 13. “Really.” “Im too skinny,” Id told her, picking through the grass and tossing three-leaf clover after three-leaf clover to the side.

Vanessa Weibler Paris, UPD


Anne sits in her kitchen at the oak table toying with her Lean Cuisine but craving a wood fired pepperoni pizza from Tommaso’s in North Beach … Her house feels cold and empty and she hears every creak and noise.

Joanne Jagoda, Reeling in the Fish


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