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He doesn’t know what to say. His stuff is packed; two suitcases in the hotel room he’ll call home until his flight on Tuesday, three boxes at the movers’ warehouse.

Guilie Castillo Oriard, The Inevitable


“That reminds me of something I heard a while back. This guy, works on the street apparently, with a price on his head. Big, I’m told, like a quarter mil.”

Townsend Walker, Alexei and Frank


Breathe Becca, breathe into it. Bend to it. How’s she doin’ Mags? Talk to her. Go and whisper, tell her I’m still here, tell her I’m not leaving, not yet.

Derek Osborne, Rebirth


He’s been in and out of psych units with Bipolar 1 my whole life and has made various suicide attempts. If Chloe and I had kids together, they wouldn’t have a fighting chance.

Gloria Garfunkel, An Early Thanksgiving


“Well, sarcasm isn’t good for you. But move if you want. It’s no skin off my nose.”

John Wentworth Chapin, Jade


I’ve sold myself out completely. This wedding, my participation in it, pays for my dad’s medical crap, the current festivities, and quite a few of my unpaid utility bills. Oh, and much more has been promised if I play along.

Lynn Beighley, Pale


“Today is breakthrough time. Results. I guarantee it. I’ve prepared additional tools. We are about to fly.” His steps are lithe, feet crackle with electricity.

Andrew Stancek, The Hall of the Mountain King


I roll my eyes at her. “His name’s Finn, and I’m sure he is.” Finn’s a hell of a lot of other things, too, but I figure she doesn’t need that much information before breakfast.

Rachel Ambrose, An Eighth of Happiness


“I know it needs a clean. I know she’d hate it, me living like this. But I read somewhere that dust is mostly human skin and I can’t bear to lose any more of her. Not yet. Not to a vacuum cleaner and bleach.”

Gill Hoffs, Till Death Do Us Party


“A big one,” Father McKenzie says. “But I’m not looking to get rid of my problems or discuss religion today. I have bigger plans.”

Jessica McHugh, Careless


He smiles and turns back to his rumbling machine. I don’t usually pay attention to blonds but my lolling against the counter comes from being knackered as well as half-arsed flirtatiousness.

Shane Simmons, Bedside Manners


All his life contained in one brackish bay. And now he’s travelled nearly 1000 miles to get someplace else.

Michelle Elvy, Postcards


When her drink comes, Callie knocks it back and taps the rim and Earl pours her another, which she downs, just like the third one. “Whoa,” I say, though what I want to say is, I’m not a fucking ATM.

Len Kuntz, Callie and Company


“That’s the third time he has hit her,” the hostess whispers behind me. “I already called the police.”

Michael Webb, Eleventh Inning


Maybe a trip out to the cemetery to put some flowers on the grave? Sure, there’ll be no one there on a Christmas afternoon. They’ll all be inside watching ‘The Sound of Music’ or some other bloody nonsense.

James Claffey, The Weight of Sadness


Back in the living room, he stands before his posted ‘to do’ list. He makes a line through an item and then peels the paper from the wall.

Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz, Live with That


Anne chuckles. “If you count six months as new.” She drops one hand from the steering wheel and squeezes mine. “I swear you wouldn’t see the sun if I didn’t point it out to you.”

Stephen V. Ramey, Stand Up


She’s still eyeing Mars. “Are you real cheap too?” but he backs away, glances at Javi. “This young man’s the best you can get and very reasonable for the quality of his work.”

Gay Degani, Returns


Thæ ßülgåriå Åir flight wås tærrißlæ, ßümpy ånd cønfüsing (thæ ßülgåriån I læårnæd whæn I wås thæ Fættå Åmßåssådræss wås thæ wrøng ßülgåriån it türns øüt!) …

Sally-Anne Macomber, Nørthærn Lights


But Charlie has been scaring me a lot lately. It started with babies. Any kid in a pram or on a television nappy ad got Charlie grinning and winking at me.

Mandy Nicol, The Retreat


“As much as I would like to have Thanksgiving with you this year, I’m thinking we should do our own dinners.” He holds his breath.

Margaret Bingel, Fun Times


How do I know if I’m still alive? I mean I must have been alive once, granted, because I remember so much of it …

Darryl Price, Some Kind of Important


“These two are do-it-yourselfers!” she tells Kevin. He nods and grins, he’s besotted and I want to hug the bloke for loving this awkward girl.

Teresa Burns Gunther, Neighbor Relations


I can’t imagine why anyone would want tinkling piano music playing as the mourners offer their condolences to the family, but then I’ve never been to a Jewish funeral service before so everything is novel.

Matt Potter, Morgana Malone and the Sign of the Boisterous Horse


Two things happen as she talks on past 2 am. Three things, if you count me trying to calculate where in the hell we are going.

Gary Percesepe, Gabrielle


Dying wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen to him. After all, it would put an end to the rapidly exploding population of Samford clones.

Nathaniel Tower, Samford Tries to Die


But Jacaranda will never know what it is to be a baby. All she knows is the womb. Having been pregnant with Etheline, Jacaranda and I have a symbiotic relationship.

Kimberlee Smith, Welcome Home, Jacaranda


My leg is bleeding again. The bandage Rorschachs in slowly seeping shapes. I stare at a big blot of red: is it a head of lettuce? a lotus pod?

Vanessa Weibler Paris, Nobody, Somebody


I’ve been on a roller coaster since January. Just like Eli said, Sandy called me on Halloween. Who would ever believe that a Mossad agent could be a matchmaker.

Joanne Jagoda, Sunday Brunch


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