Catherine refracted Pure Slush Vol. 7

124 pages – originally published June 2013

paperback ISBN: 978-1-925101-78-2

eBook ISBN: 978-1-925101-79-9   /   Kindle ISBN:  978-0-9922778-0-2

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Catherine the Great, Empress and Autocrat of All the Russias, was a fascinating woman and legends about her abound.

Catherine refracted is a re-imagining of her life and the legends about her. Her lovers, her illegitimate children, her wiles, her wit and her place in history … all feature in this lively reinterpretation of one of history’s most beloved and reviled leaders.

Including stories from Claudia Bierschenk, Mira Desai, Gay Degani, Stephen V. Ramey, Juliet Beckman Hubbell, L. S. Johnson, Joyce Juzwik, Robert Mangeot, Sarah Collie, Todd McKie, Matt Potter, Dusty-Anne Rhodes, Anne Scott, Desmond Fox, Christine Tolley, Andrew Stancek, Gill Hoffs and Kim Conklin.


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