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It’s unclear now rounding the bend toward 70, / how our golden years’ll play out / from Home Sweet Home by Gerard Sarnat

I have a hard time picturing you down on your knees / wiping away pee stains / from To the Woman Who Got Published Instead of Me by Jan Chronister

Took my mind off how I was feeling while I watched a Nordic noir that had enough grizzly murders in it and body parts to satisfy even my tastes. / from The Absent Guest by Jan McCarthy

Envy isn’t / Negative 53 Fahrenheit—your frozen breath coagulating on your beard—eyelashes—so thick you can’t open your mouth in awe— / from Envy, It’s Not … by R Scott Sexton

The twins reacted differently. I thought they’d be identical. / from No more Wonderland by Sue Dawes

With pink legs an orange billed oystercatcher fossicks the foreshore amongst kelp and shells and piles of human waste / from A Parade on Oriental by Piet Nieuwland

Working on our house, I eye the Jones’ Lamborghini, / parked on their freshly-resurfaced semicircular driveway. / from Décor by Todd Mercer

Bobby’s parents decided to send him to Hotchkiss, a prep school established to help boys get into Yale / from Ivy League Envy by Dorin Schumacher

Before my next journey / I’m getting something chartreuse / from Claim It by Margaret Swart

He’s got these slightly creepy smoke-coloured eyes—real penetrating. He wanted to know why I was there. / from Getting There by Aaron Retz

The truth is she admires Tracy Wainwright, loves the way she manipulates words. She recommends her books to others. / from A Writer’s Napkin by Christine Johnson

Her tall, handsome, debonair partner / frequently gazes past his bony, lanky, / gray-haired albatross of a wife / from Ambush by Michael Estabrook

I go to work at the University and there are signs everywhere: compare, compare, compare / from Child of Comparison by Stephen Seabridge

Eight days a week I plowed / the part, brokered by a lonely heart. / from Envy Is the Death of My Enemy Heart by John Martino

He told her how he’d like to open up a junkyard someday. “Rusty gold,” he said. / from Brief Encounter with a Giant Hamburger in the Snow by Robert Scotellaro

I moaned. Oh, the lovers she’d had. / You are the best, I told myself. / from Flight by Nan Wigington

It was when our parents turned to me that my sister learnt to hate me. / from Envy’s Spawn by Reine Marais

I wanted to be / my mother / green-eyed / playing water music / from Piano Envy by Pat Hurley

I wonder, though, if someone peering through a window from an adjoining apartment balcony might think, God aren’t they pathetic, in there / from Late Afternoon Delight by Jackie Davis Martin

Shiny men were drawn to her glow / men with sports cars and beach property / from It was envy back then by Susan Huebner

“If you see a bug first, you turn to the other person and say, slug bug and punch them in the arm.” / from Cecelia’s Visit by Melissa Auburn

Mother’s drilled this duty into my head / from The Older Sister by Robert Cooperman

… he reciprocated, hoping the kiss would suffice as the answer. / from The Question by Carl Chapman

She’d lost her stilted synthesizer accent and her bot vocab had developed into an authentic, natural, extensive lexicon all her own. / from Plaything by Warren Paul Glover

On the other side, she turned and lowered down to my level. Dear God! my inside voice screamed. She’s going to do it again./ from Dumped by Stephen V. Ramey

I determined to return at the same time on subsequent days in hope of running into him again. / from The Author by Eddy Knight

I notice nobody ever seems to tell anyone / they’re great for not having developed a drug addiction. / from Success Story by Edward O’Dwyer

But my daughter yawned through the 2018 / figure skaters, made me switch the channel / from Winter Sports for Girls by Lisa Stice

And rumor has it that somewhere in the nether / regions a special hell lies waiting for the / covetous / from Astride a Fiery Demon by Howard Brown

That perfect face turned up to you as she tells a story from her day. / from Dragons by Claire Hart






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