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“Few things bring people together more often and more joyously than food … Of course things go wrong …”

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“You can have half of mine,” Adam offers. His mother gazes out the kitchen window, says quietly, “Please drink it, Adam.”

Adam Gets a Rude Awakening, Mandy Nicol


After picking my way around the skirt of bush, I nose for the first odour to capture me. Ohh, what’s this? Where is it, where is it?

Every Meat This City Has to Offer, Desmond Fox


I breakfast in the city at my desk: coffee and crepes from a café around the corner.

Departure, Allan J. Wills


I zigzag out of the park. Along here one is assaulted by the effluvia of dogs.

Dog Shit, Desmond Fox


I smile – well, my mouth turns up a little at both edges – as Eve reaches into the bowl and scrapes the last of the dough into a ball with her fingers.

Family Catch-up, Matt Potter


“Really? I’ve never tried it.” Jen looks out to sea for a moment, then says, “Wouldn’t she have added apples or something, to make it taste better?”

Adam Gets Humble Pie, Mandy Nicol


The drawers in the galley slide open and closed as we cruise up and down with each crashing wave.

Before Sunrise, Lyn Fowler


He puts the hash Anzac down on the bar and picks up his glass again. “It’s our grandmother’s recipe,” I say.

Poetry for Dummies, Matt Potter


I am his only source of food.

6.00am Feed, Claudia Bierschenk


I don’t stop especially for the food, which includes a tasty vegetarian selection and comes in generous portions, or the coffee, which is good too but sometimes tends to be a degree too milky.

Café Tiffany’s, Allan J. Wills


… at the counter the thought of sugar revolted him and he scurried out clutching his stomach.

Tripe Soup, Andrew Stancek


He likes to discuss business over tea and homemade cakes, showing off his wife’s baking prowess.

Talisman, Allan J. Wills


The game is up Carolyn, the message says. Justin’s on the roof and Natasha’s choking on popcorn!

Emergency Dash, Matt Potter


“Taste this,” Nancy ordered as she shoved a spoonful of macaroni salad in Jamal’s mouth. “Is it enough tuna? You know how Bertram and them like it with a lot of tuna.”

Homegoing Day – Morning, AR Neal


Jen sets the plates on their placemats. “Well, I suppose anything can happen to any of us, at any time,” she says. “You could get run over by a bus …”

Adam Gets a Raw Deal, Mandy Nicol


I allow myself one café latte a day, the ultimate indulgence. Any more caffeine and he’d never go to sleep.

11.00am Feed, Claudia Bierschenk


He liked the feel of the squish of the yolk. Just as the cheese began to melt …

Breakfast with Mandy, Paul Beckman


“I’m not washing dishes or breaking plates, I’m making sauces and thinking I’ll go to chef school and she’s so – Are you listening to me at all? Are you here?”

Bryndzové Halušky, Andrew Stancek


Dry wheat toast and black coffee accompanied my efforts at a low fat and no fun diet. This along with cholesterol medicine changed my lifestyle as a divorced police detective grabbing junk food as sustenance.

A Dash of Pepper, Tom Fegan


“And, remember, never get in the way of the nurses. If you know what’s good for you, drop off a box of doughnuts for their break.”

Neon Pink Sign, Cindy Matthews


Glazed blue ceramic jars line the front, whitewashed wall of the house. A large wooden barrel stands in front of an open door and blackened pots and pans hang from a wooden post.

Marida, Lyn Fowler


When the nurse is gone, I wheel my hanging intravenous lines to the garbage can and dump the scrambled eggs and toast so she will leave me alone.

Breakfast, Gloria Garfunkel


He watched her wolf down bacon and an omelette, rip off pieces of toast, and wash down breakfast with orange juice and coffee. “Thank you. Very good. So why’s a grown-up drawing kids’ comics?”

Breaking Eggs and Calling Them an Omelette, Walter Giersbach


I say the clock is the only stable factor in my unmoored reality. My brain has been eaten by moths.

Eating Disorder, Gloria Garfunkel


She winked. “I always make a few extra just for you when we have socials at the church.”

The Mortician’s Visit, AR Neal


The two women sit across each other and take the syrniki from the paper towel that has absorbed the oil. “It is good,” says Czarina, chewing her syrniki, “I’d hire you as my personal chef any day.”

Kit and Czarina, Kyle Hemmings


“A pot of Earl Grey for two, milk on the side – in a jug if you have it, not those fiddly plastic things, and a slice of chocolate cake with two forks.”

Tea for Two, Gill Hoffs


I feel a crying need to be simple, to not be friend or girlfriend or daughter or student, to only be required to have a lap and refill a cup of juice and know a nursery rhyme and be able to read the book about the dog party.

Huge, Michael Webb


They torture me with inedible food when I’m not even hungry.

Clock Watching, Gloria Garfunkel


The boy shakes his head. “I had some for my lunch, I don’t think I could face it. You’d be doing me a favour. The smell of it in the bin drives the foxes wild.”

Tea for One, Gill Hoffs


I pick up my cup of coffee and take a sip. Bob has Coke. I set a sleeve of saltines on the table for us to eat later.

Cloistered, Cindy Matthews


When the nurse asked about it, I said, “Well, it just fell. Anyway, I’m a vegan. I don’t eat fish.”

Poison, Gloria Garfunkel


When he’s full, he un-docks abruptly. Little mouth slightly open …

6.00pm Feed, Claudia Bierschenk


“I don’t eat fat,” I say. “I’m allergic. It says it in my medical … um … chart.”

Lunch, Gloria Garfunkel


Leaning against the sink, Kit admires the way Dasha thinly slices the green onions and cucumbers.

Kit and Dasha, Kyle Hemmings


The royalty check was barely enough to buy food for a week, or he could splurge on a really memorable lunch. Hong Fat’s on Mott Street was just around the corner.

Lunch on the Run with Eggroll, Walter Giersbach


“Start you off with an OJ?” He says, “Two OJs, Al. No need to change things just because she’s eighty.”

Al’s Kitchen, Jonathan Levy


He can see a mound of vegetables by a chopping board, like in an advert for soup, and the boy’s rummaging about in a cupboard near the sink.

Two Plus One for Tea, Gill Hoffs


“No more of this ‘I can’t eat a bite’. Down this road. The best kapustnica in all of Bratislava. Forest mushrooms, home-made sausage, oak-barrel wine sauerkraut.”

Kapustnica, Andrew Stancek


I am worried that the galley and cabins will be full of smoke any minute. The oil must be hot enough to cook the fish quickly and crisply.

Hundreds, Lyn Fowler


He liberally poured the hot sauce and then layered one side with bread and butter pickles and saw the light come on in Betty Ann’s kitchen.

Two and a Leaner, Paul Beckman


I paused from eating my submarine sandwich and listened to the murmur of other customers speak of their income taxes. They were oblivious to the crime surrounding them in the streets.

In Between a Sandwich, Tom Fegan


“Well, we come every year for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on this day. It’s Maggie’s birthday. And today is extra special — we’re celebrating her 80th.”

Slice of Life, Jonathan Levy


Odessa shoved a last spoonful of the Ambrosia into her mouth. She swallowed, looked toward Nancy in the next room and whispered, “She might not think so but Calvin knew all about James. And no, he didn’t approve.”

After-Service Luncheon, AR Neal


The smells fill the house, every breath redolent with the stink of flesh and carbohydrates and sauces.

Fabric, Michael Webb


Jello is pure poison. It’s not even food.

Snack, Gloria Garfunkel


He pulled a string and turned off his overhead light and sat in the darkness thinking thoughts of sushi and women and toasted himself a happy birthday with a few sips of sake.

Birthday Dinner, Paul Beckman


I could tell from the growing silence in the house that drunkenness and fatigue were taking over most of the adults as the day slides into evening, so, like it or not, Chandler was my charge until one of them came to.

Smart, Michael Webb


Instead I head to the nursing station to inquire about 807’s dinner. My feet squeak to a stop on the floor.

Legs Like Stilts, Cindy Matthews


The same slaughter of smells hangs heavy over the sun-beaten grass; pink meat fat, burnt flesh, petrol fumes, beer urine: barbeque season in the park.

Blood and Soil, Desmond Fox


I am in heaven. I eat a whole plate of Chinese food and save the pastries for breakfast. Then they bring out the chocolate cupcakes.

Dinner, Gloria Garfunkel


Then, she strains the soup through a cheesecloth, just the way Czarina had showed her, and into a large bowl.

A Cold Dinner, Kyle Hemmings


My metabolism is screwed up from the poisoning. I gained a pound a day for a month.

Weight Watching, Gloria Garfunkel


“Buy you dinner?” he asked with false brightness. “We’ll go Dutch treat because we forgive each other. A simple meal.”

Dinner and Call It a Night, Walter Giersbach


“You see that pot?” she says pointing to it. “Well, it was for me and Mama.”

The New Czarina, Kyle Hemmings


The latter was a little cheat of my diet, but not a big one. The doctor expected some of that; the cholesterol medicine had to work on something to keep me healthy.

Food for Thought, Tom Fegan


He sipped again then wiped the milk mustache off his lip. “Will you be spending the night?”

Howard and Maggie, Jonathan Levy


My husband started to empty a top shelf in the kitchen, the source of the infestation, where we kept all our flour, nuts, oatmeal and raisins, things that grain moths love to eat.

Mothra, Gloria Garfunkel


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