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At four years old… I was the kind of child who lay awake in the darkness of my bedroom and saw the shadows come alive as fearsome creatures.

from The big freak-out by Allan J. Wills


Angela was one for projects, and after a rash of pregnancies at the bank, fertility had become her new obsession.

from Headlights of Her Desire by Michael Webb


They complain about their aching and swollen bellies, arguing amongst themselves over whose pain is the most torturous. They are the first and last beings on earth to experience pain.

from The Menstruators by Flora Gaugg


After lunch the cyclops boy sat alone in class. They had science but there were no safety goggles which fitted the cyclops boy.

from A Little Cyclops in a Chemical Cupboard by Megan Crosbie


I couldn’t imagine ever being that sad that you didn’t want to wake up. When I was a kid, I mean.

from Toppin’ y’self by Rob Walker


“If he lived in a small town, we maybe could find him. But you’re sending it to New York City.”

from I Am So Sorry For Your Loss by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz


“You should never eat anything in packaging, because that means it’s processed. At most it should have a sticker.”

from Swedish Fish by Joseph S. Pete


When I came to someone was tapping on my car door. I thought it’d be you instead of a cop.

from Violated by Len Kuntz


That explained why National Air spread across two gross terminals. There were dog prints all over the mess.

from Pea Coat by Anne E. Wiesgerber


Oliver developed a tendency to wake up half-mad in the middle of the night, sweaty with the conviction he was wasting his youth.

from Adult Adolescence by Hasen Hull


“No. I want you screaming and kicking up a fuss even though you’ll be safe.” “And what are you going to do? Are you going to come to my rescue?”

from The Kid Does His Father a Solid by Paul Beckman


“I’m afraid we have no more places for studying the higher animals.”

from Rotifer by Matthew Harrison


Suspended in the belly of the metal raptor, he’s a fledgling crammed into a transparent egg at the tail of the fuselage.

from Vigil by Alex Reece Abbott


Just sort of does what it wants and I have no control. It can be quite entertaining, under those circumstances.

from I Have an Incredible Thing by Brad Garber


A week later, my sister called, and said, “The poodle was returned. Would you like to take it after all?”

from The Peacock and the Poodle by Mark Hudson


I need some dark chocolate. I should have shouted something out the front, like, Hey Stefan, still talking about selling your business?

from Something real by Kathryn Lee


Rumor is he has a stack of sheets from every year’s past tournament game in his garage.

from Yard Darts by Carl ‘Papa’ Palmer


“You must get that a lot, older women coming in for emergency tampons.” “No,” I said. “Not really.”

from Close Encounter of the Emergency Kind by Matt Potter


“Giiiirl, those are some uneven tan lines. You need a class on proper balance.”

from Faulty Tan Line by Kristina England


She is driving at breakneck speed as he sleeps it off in the passenger seat beside her.

from Blue Lady by Irene Buckler


How did I earn my place as a
 / certified piece of shit?

from Too Late and Too Long Ago by Pádraig Ó Cúana


“You stand back. Show me your badge before I open this door.”

from Visitation by Phillis Ideal


Yes, I am a ware of the trohcities K committed during the cereal wars of the fifties. Count Chocula’s torture using novelty cheese hats, the mass graves in The Land of Half, none of that is a secret.

from Ten Gallon Hats Full of Cottage Cheese and the Grassroots Movement to Free K by David S. Atkinson


Every day, a woman from legal likes to sing in there. At 8:30, before the office becomes crowded, and after most people leave, at 6 or 7 p.m.

from Echo, Echo by Richie Narvaez


I come off my pedestal and march to the sofa couch. “Get over here and fuck me,” I tells him.

from How Picasso’s African Period Came to an Inglorious End by Stephen V. Ramey


Duro, instead of keeping up, is not ready for the removal of the feathers and has stopped working next to the scalding tank, ready to strangle his friend.

from Nobody Here But Us Chickens by Andrew Stancek


The knife swung in a perfect arc toward his neck; the blade up to the hilt just under his jawline.

from Bobby Estep Made a Big Decision by Robb T. White


The doctors yanked him out of the starvation cell that was his mother’s womb. It was worse for her.

from The Respect They Deserve by Jennifer Rose


I don’t touch it. I put the box in my handbag, the desire to display the contents on a shelf overwhelming. How strange life can be sometimes.

from White Ink by Samantha Armatys


A trench-coated silhouette in shop fronts / chin pinned to right shoulder / cradling a boombox / sharing / the next big hit.

from Radio Dave by Martin Jon Porter


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