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I asked for every story your youth could deliver / Every broken bone and high-school rumor / from Over Hungry by Shane Guthrie

sticky fingers in mouths, / giggles erupting from / satiated throats / from Dessert by Jan Haag

He still loves her madly, but she / just doesn’t satisfy him anymore. / from Fat Ronald Cheats by Ron Lavalette

It was the smell that hit them first. The entire team put on full-face respirators in an attempt not to gag. / from Coming Home by Sharron Hough

“I’m trying to cook here, mate. I can’t concentrate if you’re laughing. What’s so funny?” / from Boys and Their Potatoes by Rob Walton

“All you can eat!” / on every block / from Fat City by Louise Hofmeister

You just sit there / receive a menu and chose / from Cyberfood by Roberta Gould

I watched and listened and only indulged in passing conversation with them: their actions told the story. / from Gentlemen in Waiting by Tom Fegan

The second thought, less charitable than the first, was that Victoria should be reincarnated as a cow, a creature blessed with four stomachs. / from Food for Thought by Larry Lefkowitz

Go on, love; you deserve it. Just one piece of chocolate. / from Pigswill by Tracy Lee-Newman

Thus the solution to the perennial issue of / what you do with leftovers silting up your fridge / from Leftovers by Fraser Sutherland

I dutifully chew / and swallow / measured portions / nutritional combinations / chosen thoughtfully for me / from Forbidden Fruit by Joanne Rizzo

the aroma of cracklin’ heavy in the air, on their minds, / the main-event feeding frenzy in store. / from Gluttony Curtailed by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal

“I thought the party was anonymous. Who said you could check up on me?” / from The Binge Catering Service by Edward Ahern

A week ago, when he told an obese woman she shouldn’t eat bacon, she called the store manager. / from Chain of Events by Mark Budman

Take all you want but eat all you take, / her father said at so many dinners— / from The Injustice of Cheesecake by Anne Graue

Gourmandic genes lie deep within / and fill us all with deep chagrin / from Proclamation from The Diet of Gluttony by Ken Gosse

I place the dish in the middle of the table and pass out the miniature cartons of milk. / from Frosting by the Forkful by Andrea Diede

During a routine physical exam, Larry heard the words every middle-aged man dreads. / from You Gonna Eat That? by Wayne Scheer

Today we are attending an appreciation lunch, presented by an annuity company in which I invested many thousands of dollars to ensure my later years. / from The Big Lunch by Elaine Barnard

I dine with decorous nibbles / No shoving food down in hasty gulps / from Saving Lives by Carolyn Cordon

I trip over my words a little, / Because I want to eat this moment. / from Invisible Trenches Between Me And My Other Self by Judah Eli Cricelli

I swear these pants have shrunk a 1⁄2 size at best.
 / from Oblivious by Marcia Conover

Triggers for sugar-binging abound, but Halloween through New Year’s, the sanctioned over-eating season, is the worst. / from Hi, My Name Is Dorothy, and I’m a Sugar Addict
 by Dorothy Rice

Because it’s now I search for that mystery package I found in the fridge this morning. / from Edward takes his picnic on the bus by Sarah Salway

At home, I watch enviously / while the others chew / from Ravenous by Leah Mueller

There is a thin line between fresh and stale / when the sauerkraut of a marriage that began / gleaming with ghee / turns knell for a rancid spreadable / from Thin Lines by Rikki Santer

My wife’s eyes fluttered as she finished the chunk of frame. I know she wanted more, but the real estate agent didn’t offer more. / from In the Event of a Famine by Salavatore DiFalco

He takes a precisely-sized bite of arugula salad, and she can hear the spiced walnuts being crushed by his molars. / from The Means by Cynthia Leslie-Bole

Watching bits fall into the disposal feels like a little part of that energy and those people who prepared it are gone too. / from Just Silly Things I Do with Food by Noah Grabeel

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