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For most of us, poetry makes a poor love-language.

from Pablo Neruda fails to seduce a lover by Allan J. Wills 


But she keeps the sharks away, there’s no doubt of that. I haven’t seen one for miles.

from To Protect Against the Bites of Sharks by Gordon Brown


“Big-time sensible and financially judicious. You’ll get five-thousand by tomorrow morning.”

from Existential Timing On Fight-of-the-Week Night by J. J. Steinfeld


“Why would a light be on in daytime? Use that brain once in a while, Janet.”

from We Walked Beneath a Streetlamp by Stephen V. Ramey


She opens her front door to my pounding and blinks, but it’s only a half-blink.

from Tidying-Up by Jane Banning


Are the people satisfied with the result of their craving, the culture they join with their friends and lovers, families and acquaintances …

from Next to Te Uru by Piet Nieuwland


Inside the NEW!seum it buzzed like a nightclub so crowded you have to shout, but where nobody’s listening anyway, because everyone’s there to be seen.

from The Postmodern Exhibit by David Sklar


Living in Ane is pretty much like living anywhere, it all looks the same.

from In Ane by Dimple Shah


So when the state can’t make dad stay, and when the state can’t make mom leave the gin in the cupboard, and when the state tries to put the younger siblings in foster care …

from Keep Moving by Ashley Morrow Hermsmeier


Just behind here were the fine leaves of a tree, and they were the only black in this very white photo, apart from her hair.

from The Look by Abha Iyengar


Oh, I could still drive myself. “I want you to put the settings on manual control.”

from A Squeal From My Automobile by Embe Charpentier 


Suddenly, a bright light appeared, continued. Had I been upstairs, as an astronomer’s sub-assistant, I’d have been fucked.

from Exploding Star by Mark Govier


The tulip tree roots are under the lawn not like some trees whose roots show from the trunk of the tree and then dip into the lawn.

from I Have a Window in My Home Office by Paul Beckman


And then the girls got off around / Wrigley Field, so I assumed they were / baseball groupies.

from Inane on the Train by Mark Hudson


As soon as it was break time, I rushed to the stool and began to play as if I was in the Royal Albert Hall.

from We’ll Meet Again by Neil Laurenson


“After the nice-uns doggie doctor calms you down. Time for some designer labels.”

from This Really Happened by Joseph Robert


“They were not attractive, and they were not intended to be seen.”

from How Jacqueline Bouvier Changed the World by J P Lundstrom


“It’s good for your liver. It might even clear up your complexion a little.”

from The Rockstar and The Turnip by Stephenson Muret


To Oliver DuBois, all anvils were made of a single steel he loved.

from Anvil D’amore by E. M. Stormo


Despite the annoyance of being awakened by the garbage collectors, their routine fit into the orderly way in which Ed led his life.

from Trash by Steven Carr


The sirens would wail from a mile away, then make their way down my street. They’d pound on my front door.

from The Pen from Paris by Ruth Z. Deming


“The doctors here have taken such good care of me since my surgery so I don’t mind waiting.”

from Waiting Room by Anamarija Slatinec


She was the neglected one, the less successful one, the one who never measured up, the loser in a war nobody was fighting but her.

from Float Like a Butterfly by Michael Webb


We are naked standing in my kitchen, and you have just read, “so much for the Garden of Eden.”

from So Much for the Garden of Eden by Michael Mau


I slide under the covers / into a quilted cocoon, anticipating a gentle descent / back into jumbled dreamscapes.

from Awake at 4 A. M. by Rick Blum


Of the seven replies she chose the youngest applicant; a trembling student whose lips kissed grey nipples to pinkness.

from At the Close of the Day by Tracy Lee-Newman


He began to weep, so we ran to our bedrooms and grabbed our kites.

from Uncle Kite-Flyer by Chuck Augello


The diagram in the multi-lingual owner’s manual is perplexing.

from Secret Men’s Business by Irene Buckler


“I once read a story about someone that hiked in a blizzard and no one ever saw her again.”

from The Hike by Kristina England


“It would improve your handwriting and, ergo, your reviews. Did not Shakespeare say, ‘Let there be gall enough in thy ink.’”

from Hail the Pen by Larry Lefkowitz


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