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Like binary stars, / two thistle seeds rotate in its wake, / settling only when its turbulence subsides. from At the Station by Mantz Yorke

I’ve put on some weight. I can’t fly as high. / And I haven’t been practicing using my bow and arrow. from Yo, love god by Zélia De Sousa

Tony told me about Dad and his own mom / at the Lakes, after beers when they tipped a canoe. from Tennessee Waltz Two-step by Mike Lewis-Beck

A grandchild is the best kind of distraction because now the mother has more to love and her life is too full for worry. from Distracted by Leslie Cox

I bet he never got her to light his cigarettes / either or sip foam off his beer cans I opened from Blind Trust by Carl ‘Papa’ Palmer

Fifteen years later she returned / to our hometown for a visit, / newly divorced and regaining her footing. from Dear John by Edward Ahern

For his part, Elon meant all that he’d promised. He’d rather die than fail the boy. from Whistling by John E. Caulton

“And then you woke up? You were so lucky,” / I say, meaning so lucky to have dreamt we were / in Paris together. from Man Dreaming by Doreen Stock

So I covered myself, strode back up / to the highway and drove home / to my own warm and ready bed. from I drove myself by Margaret Plaganis

He smiles, then scribbles on his social work case-pad. “Well, acting out, that’s a counselling referral.” from A Kind of Inferno by Alex Reece Abbott

Maybe he’s in the hospital? Yeah, nah, his wife wouldn’t be hanging the washing out like that, would she? from Of Decks and Men by Scott Menzies

You don’t like camping, / but you loved seeing me / reeking coming home. from My Scent is Your Scent by Gavin Glen

‘Lately, when me and Tim are in bed, there’s this scraping noise. Like metal on metal.’ from All the Fun of the Fair by Kim Botly

She dares to ponder: What would it be like if I never heard the clink of that revolving key again? from The Turning of the Key by Phyliss Marion Shanken

I am on the way. Amid other travellers racing back before border closure. from Be with Family by Karen Lethlean

What happened to the boy who was an awkward kisser, who preferred to just hold me in his arms, touch my cheek, twirl my hair around his fingers. from Slow Dancing by Rita Yager

Wednesday is our slowest day. It made sense that she was our only customer that evening. from Waiting by Fabiana Elisa Martínez

… his fingers touch mine / i say, i love you / he can’t say it back … from unequal in parts by Jack Henry

They spend the day walking, sitting, working their way down the tapas and cocktail menus, he’s happy … from Plantar Love by Jan McCarthy

I want to say at the end of my final finals week / as a teacher that I am sitting in my living room / with thousands of my former students from Resumé by Jan Haag

She loved to tell stories about family. / Why didn’t I listen more carefully? Or ask questions? from Flashes of My Grandmother by Lois Perch Villemaire

Numbers decline as time passes / as singles seek more favourable venues / or just give up and go home. from Friday Night Love by Rob McKinnon

I am sorry that I am the little sister you never wanted. from Oh, Brother by Teresa Burns Gunther

My companion’s children and I are sent home to await his return to consciousness. What’s causing all of us pain is being able to do nothing. from You’re Calling Me? by Marcia Lewis

“Yes, I brought you some chocolate kisses and will put them in your nightstand.” from Kisses by Niles Reddick

Summer of strip mines and tanneries, / snipe hunts, cold cokes and cheese grits. from One Week in Pineville, Kentucky by Lynn Aprill

I said she couldn’t / possibly know / what she wanted / in that state. from Sober Hook-up by Sharon Rockman

Oui. I had a boyfriend at the manor.” / (I don’t count the rapist.) from Mating Season by Pegi Deitz Shea

The French Girl is not only hurt, but also mad, oh so mad, but not with him, she is mad with the universe, because this is so unfair, again. from Fuck Tinder by Claudia Calori

He grabbed the hem of her dress and yanked it up. Angela kicked him hard on the shin and bolted out the door. from Mr Pearson’s Sweet Shop by Sandra Arnold

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