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Poor Daphne Pierpoint. Killed in the battle of the sexes.

from A Vacation from Depravity by Jenean McBrearty


More likely, she would say / she’s dancing with everyone here, / especially the men, though 
/ tonight’s drinkers are nearly all men

from A Woman Dancing Alone by Edward O’Dwyer


Well, a little later, Suzi found out she was pregnant, and could no longer work as a stripper.

from Suzi the Stripper by Mark Hudson


Always remember this:
 / a well-maintained tool will / give you years of service

from Do It Yourself by Ron Lavalette


Weeks later I saw her / 
in the Whole Foods produce aisle, / 
me searching for broccolini,
 / she inspecting bags of baby carrots.

from Artifice by Rick Blum


Being a standard male hormone-charged teenager, Justin obligingly climbed into her car.

from First Date by Carl Chapman


He opened the box and inside were seven other boxes; all of various sizes. Each was labeled.

from ’Tis the Season by Paul Beckman


You’re just my light, / you Flicker when it’s
 / Dark at night

from Bruise by Judah Eli Cricelli


How to choose them, how to slice them and prepare them, how to eat them, and how to juice them.
 / The fingers and hands revealed all.

from Eating Grapefruits by Jeff Santosuosso


The cock-god struts and mounts the cuckold fire.

from Affair by Jemshed Khan


I touched her hugeness with my eyes, though it was hard to capture any detail in that dirty light.

from Biscuits by Nod Ghosh


Her blue eyes were deep swirling pools, tides churning. She was going to fucking cry.

from Couldn’t & Wouldn’t by DS Levy


“Dear, you can’t be too careful,” he insisted. “One little lingering cinder can reignite a fire.”

from Let Our Resting Places Burn Like Roman Candles by Joseph S. Pete


Like a patch of heaven, sagging herself / Down for Penetration, Pop Pop Pop!

from My Lustful Woman, Who’s Such a Wonder by Yuan Changming


She felt a strange, prickling sensation as if her blood stopped, turned and was retreating the way it had come. Her blushes deepened.

from Mr Jackson by Christine Johnson


My lover is history, has been
 / for some thirty-odd years, yet,
 / I remember the nervous excitement / still

from Where Lust Eventually Led Me by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal


The first time I legally walked into a porn shop, I felt faint.

from A Waste of Shame by Robb T. White


And as her perfect lips / 
meet yours you wonder when this became
 / a trial

from Diesel by Robert Beveridge


First and foremost, because this is the one place that affords the necessary privacy for the act, no matter time of day or how many other people may be in the house.

from Since You Asked by Robert Carlton


The Juggler of Our Lady nearly fainted
 / From exertion, but came to when She blessed him.

from Lust by Janet McCann


You hadn’t expected it: / 
your face puckered like you’d eaten the pepper

from Chili Pepper by Sarah Etlinger


Papa astonished everyone (maybe even himself) by letting her take a job nearby, an import-export franchise owned by a German expatriate, well-known in the community, a pillar of culture and industriousness.

from The Recent History of the Sánchez Family Tragedies: Part 1 by Guilie Castillo Oriard


Once he saw her write, “The carcass can be chilled or hot boned.”

from The Butcher’s Wife by Nan Wigington


“That’s such bullshit!” she said, the internet connection from Whateveristan making her words wobble. “If they don’t love you as you are? Fuck ’em!”

from Send My Baby Home by Michael Webb


but i know that karma will hit you harder than i ever could so i’ll let her, and i will look down on you upon the ground when you beg me for help;

from blood lust by Linda M. Crate


It’s the end of summer. In the city, birds fly from forgotten attics. Sooty-faced winos rise from manholes.

from The Inner City by Kyle Hemmings


The owners have a lot of books on wood-working. / I don’t orgasm.

from Silence like the grave by MaKayla Allen


I lifted its wrap, inhaled the aromas of Italy, its robust, full-flavored charm. I found myself transported to my youth …

from Why I am Not a Zen Master by Wayne Scheer


Being ordinary dudes, we monks experience as much of the inner sexual predator as the next guy—maybe more.

from Ooh La La … How I’m (Slowly) Outgrowing the Inner Predator by Bear Jack Gebhardt


She said she was bored
 / and, pointing out one of a
 / dozen snickering bureaucrats, told me,
 / I went down on him for no goddamn reason.

from Valentine in a Time of War by Jack Granath

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