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I came to learn that holidays happened / with all generations, homemade rhubarb / cobbler and lemonade; from Cedar by Shoshauna Shy

He wiped tears from the wrinkled ravines under his eyes and then he turned his attention toward John and nodded. from The Wedding Dress by Riley Winchester

I read all the manuals, know what to do. Wedding gown off. Marriage on. from Challenging Behaviors by Nan Wigington

If we went to sleep with unresolved anger, / an accidental touch during the night / could easily be accepted as an apology. from Praise For the Double Bed by Peggy Trojan

This is your reward / for agreeing to marry me. from For Worse by John Grey

Then he calls and we talk and he annoys the fuck out of me. from Civil Partnership by Rab Green

relief when we think about the last days / days that went by like prison chalk ticks on a wall from Holy Matrimony by Declan Geraghty

Over the pasta with our garden sauce / we talk about our niece and my son / and whether they will find love. from She Sets the Table by Mike Lewis-Beck

Feminine, not a body’s natural musk, and not a perfume I’d ever use. from Mine by T.C. Mill

She never asks out loud why he retired so early / to live in a house with no den. from Aren’t They a Pair? by Amy Soricelli

“Darling,” she said again, shaking the bag at me. “Did you not hear me call you?” from Hope is a Dangerous Thing by Emily Stanford

‘Every knot in the sweater will remind you of me.’ from The Clicking Keeps Me Company by Alan Kennedy

You think this marriage is the exception, / the rarity to last sixty years from Don’t Change Your Name by Joan Mazza

‘And then the young woman came out and sat down, naked,’ Don says to his dead wife, Laura. ‘Naked.’ from The way I think of you by Sarah Masters

He watched as the door closed, leaving him alone. The reality sat heavy on his chest. from Surface Tension by James Bates

Instead, a technician in ER glided / her ultrasound wand over his belly. from Speakers by Merryn Rutledge

“What are you talking about? How can you possibly have heard what I was thinking?” from Cats and Dogs by Tony Dawson

You begin to forget the beginning, how you looked at each other and felt flooded with an effervescent joy. from Resurrection by Cynthia Leslie-Bole

Showered and perfumed, a light lipstick applied, her hair curling around her shoulders, she made sure she presented a charming picture. from The Simple Little Things by Abha Iyengar

Upon wakening I felt a pang / Because I was sixty / And I and my wife / Had been young in the dream from The Night of the Day by Larry Lefkowitz

This March after their long dormancy / those lilies finally found enough sun by Just Off the Driveway by Ed Ruzicka

We didn’t want it. We wanted to “live in sin”. from Nothing to Prove by Sylvia Petter

In response, streets filled with rainbows / in seas of “Yes” on placards, / thousands in cities marched / to end the injustice from Marriage – 2017 by Rob McKinnon

he takes my hand / and kisses my fingers / we cling to each other these days / out of resignation and desperation from A Pandemic Afternoon by Joanne Jagoda

By the time you get home / I am feeling foolish / in my suit with flowers / and waiting on bended knee. from Bridal Waltz by Steve Evans

I offered to help Connie in the kitchen. She said, “This isn’t your kitchen anymore. I don’t want your help.” from Second Marriage by Lucy Tyrrell

Milly tilted her head and watched Jack relaxing on the sofa, carefree, flicking through TV channels, his work shoes kicked off. from And So It Begins by Louise L. Pace

And if you want your Impatiens to / hold their own all summer long, / you don’t over-water please, no from Song of an Octogenarian by Jacqueline Kudler

A guffaw from Roderick, her spouse, showed how he enjoyed the joke he had made. from The Man Always Carves by Arthur Gardiner

we remember ancient grievances / fail to celebrate joy for long / but welcome its recurrence from Games We Play by Adrienne Stevenson


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