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31 writers feature in Real … and below is a taste of their stories … so experience them now!


“Mrs Delooze? I am sorry to laugh, but I’ve been an MS doctor for ten years now and I’ve never heard of this …”

ItchJoanna Delooze


That stiff-as-hardboard back and penetrating eyes moved to another plane at ninety-one.

Beholden – Mira Desai


You find yourself drawn right to its center.

The RoseDiana J. Wynne


Others, who claimed to know him better, pointed out the gaucho hat and dark plaid buttoned-to-the-throat raincoat and how he’d twist a strand of shoulder-length hair …

Visions of The SaintCheri Ause


She looked straight into my eyes and said, “Everything, like it was yesterday.”

Indelible ImpressionMark Rosenblum


My ancestors hover in the household like so many ghosts enjoying a summer vacation.

Immortality, Version 2.0Walter Giersbach


I for one prefer my chips without a sprinkling of blood and residual smack.

Desperately Seeking SustenanceGill Hoffs


The guard … responded with a rapid string of French words that I couldn’t pull apart.

Magic French WordsJonathan Slusher


But my friend is oblivious because he is putting his makeup on and that takes time …

Malcolmina XOX – Rebecca Chekouras


If the conversation is warm and personal, the Cuban will kiss your right cheek upon departing …

Greetings from HavanaGloria Frym


The subtly put advice he tried to give me went unanswered.

spreading from the false fly James Claffey


Tubes like chains fasten me to the mattress stiff against my back.

There’s That Noise AgainS.B. Phoenix


“Everything’s uploaded and in place. I really don’t know why they keep us locked in that preparatory phase.”

A Matter of FaithD.M. Simone


You give a measly half a rupee and they bow to you. If you give a lot, they will sniff your hand.

BeggarsJohn Wentworth Chapin


… if you are not friends with your partner and don’t have fun together, you’re in big trouble.

Little FishJoanne Jagoda


I like knowing there are cheap hot dogs downstairs for when the bar closes.

CrackS.H. Gall


Cook him food that you used to eat with him and get upset when your ex-boyfriend turns up his nose …

How to ForgetMeghan K. Barnes


But it was the noise next to me, desperate and primal and straight from the gut, that hit me most.

StonedMatt Potter


“Don’t walk like that, people will think you’re… you’re… gay.”

A Curious FellowShane Simmons


I’m crammed into my seat next to a dour and mountainous woman who’s reading a Bible.

Fly the Friendly SkiesMichael Gillan Maxwell


A thin coating of human lies here and there in that abrupt wrinkle that lay beneath us …

Near MarvelousMaude Larke


I slouched on the edge of the bed, thinking I was busted for skipping out of school.

Things Left BehindClaire Ibarra


I’d seen a million mothers pass my driveway with their prams and proud smiles.

Steps for my Uncle Layla Blackwell


The first—and last—time I ever asked my father about God, I was eight years old and he’d had two drinks too many.

Fairytale Laura Bogart


… staples in the scalp, mosquito bitten limbs, sunscreen tight on unwashed skin.

Where Her Mind IsSharon Louise Stephenson


I glance through the rest of the aggressive literature, which is filled with words spelled in capital letters and accentuated with long strings of exclamation points.

Joyce to the WorldThomas Sullivan


In Ecuador the help wanted ads required secretaries to be young, white, and pretty.

NotebooksGessy Alvarez


When he said he had never forgiven me, I heard it backwards—that he was asking me for forgiveness …

EnoughCinda Gibbon


I will be transformed into a better person if I ingest the right things.

Which Way to the Vomitorium?Jane Hammons


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