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So I sit, ignore life, and do not read to you / Sloth am I, for I neglect your education for my comfort. / from Sloth am I by Tony Daly

If he were a hound dog / he wouldn’t even thump his tail / from Finding the Sweet Spot by Elizabeth Buttimer

I dreamed of reaping the benefits of thinking, not just sitting through classes that I quietly resented / from Dead End by Jenny Lapekas

I didn’t really understand what he meant at the time, but as I watch my teammates popping pills to get that “competitive edge” / from No Sweat by Wayne Scheer

He’d tried distracting him, while slipping duplicates – surely indisputable – and junk into the boot of the car, ready for a covert tip trip. / from This Will Come in Handy One Day by Alex Reece Abbott

I have raised children
 / that are almost ready
 / to raise children of their own / from Summer Morning by Ed Ruzicka

I hope you both like instant while wiping / room on her coffee table for three wet cups / from Invitation for Coffee by Carl ‘Papa’ Palmer

“You’ve gotten fat and lazy, Herman Harker. I’ve told you a thousand times you’re not doing your heart any favors by lying around.” / from The Hammock by Jenean McBrearty

“What are you going to do?” had morphed into “What do you do?” / from Lazybones by Charles Rammelkamp

Your grandfather was—well, some would call him a hoarder. / from The Recent History of the Sánchez Family Tragedies: Part IV by Guilie Castillo Oriard

I’m entering an unblemished beginning. / from Gift of Grace by Christine Johnson

Beth eases a calming hand on my shoulder, / and I tell myself, yes, this is typical / of the French / from On Line at Border Control, Charles DeGaulle Airport by Robert Cooperman

Who supplied my emotions? / They’re on back order / or in transit. / from Episodic Nothing by Jeff Santosuosso

But the latest epiphany has brought me great joy. It’s like having shackles taken off my feet. / from My Epiphany by Peter Lingard

Terror? Joy? Anxiety? Fear? Anticipation? What? Whatever you’re feeling, I accept it. But I insist you share with me. / from The Best Possible Answer by Michael Webb

Thump thump. “What 40-year-old man spends his days in pajamas?” Thump. / from All Happy Families by Salvatore DiFalco

Occasionally I’d turned up at her door and she’d ask me to leave. / from Fish ‘n’ Chips with a Tin of Cheap Beer by Nod Ghosh

This morning is the first day of my life, / why do I stink of hubris already / from Sloth by Geralda Gjomakaj

A towering testimony to his courage / in facing the void of absolute apathy. / from Supersloth by Michaeleen Kelly

black hairs on the bathroom floor, / were embedded / in the rotting legs of the vanity / from The Slothful Landlord by Lisa Rhodes-Ryabchich

you might decide to stay so long / the blood will rush from your head / like a highway. / from Sinecure by Alan Walowitz

We did not work in the rain. We did not work when the temperature dropped below twenty-seven degrees. We did not work in high winds. / from Day of the Chlorine Death Cloud by Robert Carlton

In a small nearby pool oversized carp gently disco in the silvery light below a mossy waterfall / from Bougainvillea Boulevard by Piet Nieuwland

2pm Sunday Rang for a pizza, double cheesy garlic bread and an oozy chocolate lava cake. / from First World Dilemma by Sharon Willdin

a pledge / to do the things that anyone / else—anyone with gumption— / would do in a heartbeat / from Conservation of Energy by Ron. Lavalette

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