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The burning passion of their start / cooled to dull routine / then a quiet resignation from Caste Diva by Rob McKinnon

Of course, all traditional routes to a musical career were closed to me by then, but I was determined to make up for lost time. from Mea Culpa by Jane C. Elkin

Who knows if that bird knows / that we are so attentive, / listening here in our shared warmth? from Morning Aria by Steve Evans

Beer and bratwurst or strawberries and champagne? Our young-and-just-married finances afforded us neither. from Beer, Bratwurst, and an Aria by Brenda Spears

I want to quit my job. But the spectre of the balding man holds me here. from Open Air by Lydia Trethewey

In the beginning, there was a garden, and its / word was song from Eve was probably a mezzo by Lillo Way

“Would it be better if I sang it?” he asks. “I’m a counter-tenor with the Hills Light Opera Company.” from The Eagle is Landing by Matt Potter

I stitched your / refrains into my quilts from Without Craft or Guile by Margaret Plaganis

The aria has a strong emotional pull for me as a rule. Packed full of love and passion. I’m good at conveying these emotions. from The Pianist by Dorothy Bauer

At this point in the story, he would hum La donna e mobile, in case his audience didn’t know it by name. from Something He Liked to Say by Hei Gou

I licked my finger to finish the fold / rolling the end of a conversation from New Year’s Eve behind the bins with Wagner by Pri Victor

Yet even here, memories seep onto the page / behind the rhythm from Rhythms by Mandy Toczek McPeake

With the personality of a blank page, he’d never been successful with the opposite sex. from It’s Never Perfect by Eamon O’Leary

Marcel decides to learn more about Genevieve and looks for a detective agency. A business associate recommends Fondrillon to research Genevieve’s life in Paris. from Words and Music by Townsend Walker

“Imagine the only success of an entire political system being bureaucratic efficiency. How sad. Sophia, are you listening?” from The Price of Love by Jenean McBrearty

in that precise, promising moment I hear / a crystal clear voice of some nameless soprano from One Beautiful Day by William Butler

He didn’t / Have a big talent, but brought what / He had, and earned the affection / And respect of his colleagues. from Curtain Call by Chris Daly

While he had practiced his violin concerto, Rebecca’s voice had filled the halls. from The First Movement by Sarah Jane Justice

“Whatever you decide,” that’s what he said when I told him. My body stiffened with cold. from Bambino by Claudette Currie

Over time, as things settled, I reclaimed my pen and my clarinet. But the church choir, I left behind. from Finding Bocelli, a Choir, and Hope by Sarah Oakes

But I had just stopped listening / To the music living all this time / Beneath my skin from Donde liete uscì by Rachel Loughlin

We live the lives we already love the best and we don’t suffer. That’s why we call it Heaven! from Life in Heaven by David P. Miller

“Sometimes he’d conduct an invisible orchestra, waving arms in erratic fashion, and sometimes he’d sit and listen.” from There is No Peace in the World by Foster Trecost

I slipped between the aisles and crept toward the back where an older man, balding with rounded shoulders, stood beside a vintage phonograph. From Caruso by R.C. Capasso

I sit and shiver. Shirl likes to get to our seats early. from Messiah by GP Hyde


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