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She likes the Beatles and Herman’s Hermits, but the only classical piece she knows is the Elizabethan Serenade. from Epiphany by Ronald T. Hardwick

My dishes were well received, but there was one problem: the patrons always wanted wine with their meal. from Down in the Brewery by Sylvia Petter

“Nah,” I replied, shaking my head, “Give me hurling any day … not twenty men in short shorts running after a sheep’s bladder.” from Nineteen sixty-six World Cup Final by John Roberts

It was then she saw the sheet of paper, down the side of the table in the corner, tea strong and black: no milk, no sugar, she hadn’t pegged him as one to leave trash. from The Last Dance by Cathie Aylmer

Still elated by the evening’s success his pale blue eyes sparkled and, with his distinctive smile and sandy-grey hair, the resemblance to my brother Charlie was uncanny. from Down to a Tea by Christine Reeves

He was a real tall chap. 6’ 2”, I believe. Slim build but big in every other way. from Beating Time by GP Hyde

‘You’re good you know, Stella. You should come to the club sometime and perform.’ from Star Turn by Diane Broughton

Who would have thought when I lost Stella that my life would change so much? from Dear Maisie May by Jane Mooney

But I hardly know how to be near him today – it’s nearly a week. Oh Lord, what can have happened? from The 8:10 to Barking by Cindy Botha

“Welcome to Ireland.” She smiled. “Take a seat. I’ll bring your tea over.” from Barra and Teampaill by Wiebo Grobler

Now, she needed Sofia to tell her who she was—before it was too late. from The Secret by Delphine Gauthier-Georgakopoulos

He was looking at her as she folded napkins, and as he watched, the pencil beat slowed. His blue eyes narrowed, his brow furrowed. from Stella A Capella by Gail Sosinsky

Cleaners dusted the pews, and changed the floral arrangements. But in that hard-sounding hall, I found a new phenomenon. from Voix Stellata by David Rae

O’Day had collected scraps, ‘like a bower bird,’ she had confided to her bestie, Sylvia, ‘But you must not repeat that!’ from Helsinki 2022 by Edward Reilly

Receding in the crowd, I do not see her face, just a fleeting glimpse of her waist and legs, her travel case in one hand and her son’s hand in the other. from Comrades in Life by Allan J. Wills

He was only vaguely aware that he had been humming an aria from Verdi’s opera Don Carlo, almost sotto voce. from The Cook and the Composer by Cheryl Snell

My blouse? A tiny floral print. With a padded C-cup bra. from Stella Improvises by Karen Laws

His daughter is being taught to speak Italian by an old lady in the living room, which is cramped with furniture and half-unpacked moving boxes. from Stella Sopra Cantare by Julian Fell

Her hazel eyes focused on mine. I clutched my violin case tighter preparing for an onslaught. from Milestones by Liz Mayers

That evening he played it for the family, sitting in the salon, relaxing after dinner. Again, they wondered where he’d found his inspiration, how he’d come to write the piece. from Sonata in Three Movements by Eithne Cullen

I knew that my father was back in London again when I read an article about a new composition of his entitled “The Barking Symphony”. from Stella by Starlight by John Notley

“I’m sorry. I’m not mentally healthy. But I love you and want to leave things on a good note. I brought a gifty.” from Sink or Swim by Susmita Ramani

I was sitting quietly in a corner of the tea house, once more the demure lady on the run from the prison of my own making. from The Ghost of Adelaide by Matthew Hisbent

Not his first time at The Gravediggers, he’s almost become a regular. Tonight, the table before him is littered with empty glasses. from Irish Inspiration by Christine Johnson

“I’ll be a monkey’s aunt.” Stella E. is impressed. “Give it a burl!” from Dudley Loves Stella XOXOXO by PM Flynn

“Thank you. I didn’t mean to scare the little girl. I only introduced myself to ask where to find you, but she ran away.” from Celestial Star by Dawn DeBraal

Her shoulder bag thumps as it drops on the table beside my dog-eared copy of Peter Mercer-Taylor’s The Life of Mendelssohn. from Stella Maybe by Matt Potter

My neighbor’s door opened and his long narrow face peeked out. “Madam, what a remarkable hound you have.” from The Noisy Neighbor by Pamela Baker

It is speculated that out of respect for the performer, O’Day may have made the donation to the University of Vermont. from Stella in Name Only by Tom Fegan

“Stella?” I say. I reach for her arm, but she is at the door, yanking it open. from Music Shop by Michael Webb




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