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He set his face the way he did when he was determined not to be swayed by her tears. “Don’t ask for money.”

Emergency by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz


He knows he could be swallowed by a groundhog’s burrow pipe – a den of three or four holes. Still he dashes back and forth before the boy.

Pose by Jolene McIlwain


He closes his mind to everything—the bloody bundle on the floor, the methodic rhythm of the kicks—and fixates on a spot just below the nape of his father’s neck.

David & Goliath by Guilie Castillo Oriard


Always a reluctant babysitter, all day Annie treated her like a tag-along foundling. Lee understands. She doesn’t like having people foisted on her either.

Age Difference by Alex Reece Abbott


Eventually there’s a stain in the grey haze. It wobbles closer, morphs into a customer.

Slenderman’s Tattoos by Megan Crosbie


Her skirt was too short, her blouse too loose, her ungainly height making her too tall for girls’ sizes and too slim for women’s. It was a constant struggle.

Red Shoes by Michael Webb


I can’t grow to meet a man’s mouth. I can’t even open a jar, though I pump arm muscles for show.

Wings by Kristina England


I must have been staring, because the next I knew he had taken my hand. It was strong, his grip, and warm and kind and full, and I was kind of taken in by it.

A Tallish Tale by Stephen V. Ramey


“You were so smart and funny in your e-mails and on the phone. I was expecting …” “Someone taller?”

Natures Growth Poison by Bear Jack Gebhardt


I am exhilarated by my hyper-awareness, but the experience is still evolving and I am not so pleased when I get the feeling that my friends have not been forthright with me.

Tropical Surprise by Irene Buckler


Anyways. We seven are minding our own business, our business being the extraction of high-grade iron ore, when this giant does a breaking-and-entering on our mountain cabin.

The Giant, Snow White by Liam Hogan


Wait a minute – these babies are damn near brand new. Shit, where you been, boy? This ain’t the ATM.

Priming the Pump by Elizabeth Bruce


“Well, I’m in the middle of a playoff game and had to call a time out because you were summoning me. I’ve got thirty-six points and I don’t have time for this.”

Another Objet D’Art by Paul Beckman


It was that moment when feet, board and air were a symphony of wild brumbies in a slow motion stampede and everything else seemed so small.

Skater Girl by Robert Knapman


… if you aren’t as tall as my brother or as short as my sister, you are just “people-sized.”

Medium by Lara Lillibridge


A brief struggle ensued. Rachel was 6 foot and had the advantage but Harriet was short and wiry.

Deception in Scarlet by Tom Fegan


Language, to Will, caused as much confusion as finding his lover in bed with his wife.

A Redwood in the Yukon by Wayne Scheer


I flipped out. I told her I was going to get in my car and drive west, all the way to Hawaii, drinking beer and smoking three packs a day. And slouching whenever and wherever I pleased.

Hawaii by Todd McKie


“You’re lucky vets found you before the smell of blood attracted the bear we’re tracking.” He pried open the trap and the other man pulled his leg away.

Fiona’s Miserable Serve by Jenean McBrearty


It’s not as if he mooned me: Let me get over what never happened.

Rear Window by Susan Tally


“You keep calling me ‘Purple Shorty,’ and I’m gonna knock that grin off your face,” he said, grinning himself.

Purple Shorty by Shayla Hawkins


“Go out there today. Play your best game. Be a great player. Maybe, you can even be a generous player and make the rest of your team look good. That’s what a great player does.”

Spirit Week by Martha Rand


I found myself under contract as a villain fighting the teamup of the Harlem Globetrotters and Scooby Doo, despite my inability to even dribble.

Tony Robbins Told Fred to Follow Others’ Dreams Instead of His Own Because They Thought Bigger by David S. Atkinson


… social activist / From a country town / Seeks soul mate / Into folk music and science fiction / ABC viewers only need apply…

The Deal Breaker by Alex Robertson


I once had a pair of magnificent chinos. 34L. I’m tall, need the longs. Color: twig. Bought on sale after Thanksgiving.

For the Love of Chinos by Jennifer Fliss


Somehow I didn’t feel like I was providing the proper mothering experience when I had to stand on tiptoes to smooch her or reach my arms upward to hug her.

The Stature of Motherhood by Cynthia Leslie-Bole


 / the itchy scratchy tree / from a seedling half way up the back / behind this western suburbs / late 1950s sandstone bungalow …

Tall Tree Tower by Martin Christmas


“Tall is coming back,” she said. “Tall is chic again.”

Collectors and Immigrants by Sean Jackson


In summer, children over the fence bob up and down / as they play on a trampoline …

Clock by Melisa Quigley


Scaffolding holds it rigid / as we pour the thick concrete floors / and build ziggurats of fire stairs / and a sheaf of elevator shafts.

Building the World’s Tallest Building by William Doreski


“A millennial is now our audience,” Sandra stressed the last word. “You know, the late teens and twenty somethings…”

Tropes by Mamta Dalal


“How big is 5’10’’,” Zora cuts in before I can reply with a shrug. After three weeks of staying with her I’m so tired of her ignorance.

Measurements by D.M. Simone


Every Friday for a whole summer I stared up at O.B.’s hand, always floating just past the top of my hair.

My First Beer by James Wade


You want to know about my tile-floor addiction, don’t you? Why I slide a prick and seed with willpower greed.

The Two Stall Bathroom in Nordstroms Basement by Samuel E. Cole


“Nonsense,” he said, “Jennifer lives in the Memory Palace, we’ve been waiting for you.”

Memory Palace by Gary Percesepe


Soon she’d be nothing, invisible, no different really, than when she’d been taller and normal-sized.

American Housewife by Len Kuntz

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