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The coffee was off, made from a button / machine—quick, quiet, no taste. / from Leaving Scandia by Mike Lewis-Beck

Five weeks since their first date, and until three minutes ago Morgan had marveled at how he and Vanessa liked the same things. / from People Are Idiot’s by Tom Hazuka

Stirred into ice cream, garnishing cupcakes, / Bacon is a valuable currency, / Part of every meal / from Pioneer by Kathryn Sadakierski

“How many thousands of bacon strips do you think will turn Heather into the kind of voluptuous woman you might be able to shoehorn your cock into?” he whispered. / from Leaves of Bacon by Matt Potter

A month later, forty pounds of fat were gone. I’m sure there’s another American who found them because of the law of conservation of mass. / from The Diet by Niles Reddick

‘Go vegetarian. Not straight away, obviously. We can’t do that until the veggie garden is established.’ / from Porkies by Eileen O’Reilly

But for the next three days, we kept / the kitchen window thrown open / in frigid February, / from Bacon by Robert Cooperman

“Fry two strips and call me later in the morning.” / from Diary by Wayne Scheer

She disappeared in a hurry. / Meanwhile, he grinned contentedly, / Hardly able to believe / He could be so witty, / from Makin’ the Bacon by Remngton Murphy

How to keep him in her house and in her bed? Dangling a tractor in front of him was gonna keep him for just a second. / from Norma and the Kid from Tallahatchie by Tobi Alfier

“I was looking all over for you, darling. Why do you have to go wandering off? And what were you laughing at like a crazed hyena?” / from Novum Organum by Jan McCarthy

When I looked over again both boys were laughing. I must have looked like a turbo Christian on a religious high. / from Lucky 8 by Jonathan Slusher

It was a bacon sandwich, and the bacon was made / from duck. / from The Birthday Boy’s Bacon by Mark Hudson

He daydreamed of breakfast. Work was stressful and his only solace was the thought of baked beans, hash browns, bacon and of course sauce but which one? / from Brown or red? by Christopher Tattersall

They did a BLT / so loaded with bacon / you had to pound it / with your palm / from Breakfast All Day by Steven Deutsch

There is no cure but you. / from My Secret Mistress by Helen M. Asteris

Mastering such temptation is difficult. / from Beware of Bacon by Debbie Wiess

She ignores her son’s booming anger and her grandson’s shrieking fear. / from Quiet by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz

At the end of a family dinner, one last, leftover crisp of salty meat was left to stray on a serving plate. / from Rebellion by Sarah Jane Justice

I was the hero. I grew up in an ordinary world, The Time of Meat and Two Veg. / from The Time of Bacon by Tracie Lark

Wake up already, Mom says, life’s a heartless bitch. Take a peek. / from The Space Between 12 and 1 by Len Kuntz

“I don’t think she was intending it to be for her and my dad,” he whispered. “I think she’s got a bit on the side!” / from A Fridge Full of Bacon by Jane Andrews

My lows sound suspicious, as they should after an afternoon of such froggery, but nobody wants to get close enough to put the zip ties on me. / from Home for the Holocaust by E. M. Stormo

She munched her bowl of granola, berries from Morocco, soya milk from ‘God knows where’, the top sprinkled with almonds and walnuts. / from Dissonance by Gertrude Walsh

… a station wagon hissed through the rain and buckled onto the curb in front of Jerry’s. A pale-faced woman with wiry black hair rushed out and scurried inside. / from The Bust by J. D. Carter

All the meat was cut and served up fresh on the day you bought it. Mr Jenks was noted for being a good butcher. / from Mr Jenks’ Shop by Christine Law

Two spring clean-ups, / you could still smell scorched wolf-fur / on the gingham curtains I had hemmed. / from The Pig’s Wife at Forty by Laurie Byro

“Good morning to you too,” I say as I chew. Her hair is pulled back, which makes her look severe and imposing. She sets a coffee on the counter near my elbow.” / from Opening Procedure by Michael Webb

My husband Drew takes pity on him and creates a pyramid of tidbits. / from Bacon Pig by Chuka Susan Chesney

and when he arrived, he expected a welcome? / Man, what’d you expect while you were gone so long? / from Rent Party by Alan Walowitz


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