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We’re all equally confident in being lost / and sometimes getting it wrong on a coast road / from Lost on the Coast Road by Rachael Mead

I stretch like spandex, / And when snapped back, / I am shaped differently. / from Follow Your by Dave Clark

The sight of my bald head was so repulsive to her that she couldn’t actually allow it, it left a dire taste in her mouth. / from Hair Loss by Jodi Pilcher Gordon

“But he wasn’t in just one porno. My stepsister starred in John Wayne Babbit Uncut. That was his third film.” / from My Stepsister’s Porno by Jonathan Slusher

Doublespeak pervaded parties. Smiles concealed backstabbing and private jokes. I thought grad school would be different … / from Counseling by Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri

A splurge! / A dazzling impulse buy… / Which doesn’t really pay off. / from New shoes by Cathie Aylmer

“So, you want me to change the tickets because of your mistake?” His eyes narrow and nostrils flare. “You do realise these tickets are non-refundable.” / from Wifey Wife by Robert Steward

I left then as now, without leaving much of a trace; / a caricature on a wall, some photos in some yearbooks / from Interstate 70 by Barbara A. Meier

Immediately they all opened fire again, this time at my groin area. / Last word, dipshit, I heard. / from Patterns from the asylum by Martin Shaw

“You’re getting there, buddy,” he would say with a supportive pat to Eric’s back as he added each new armful onto the obsessively, neatly packed possessions he had already managed somehow to cram in. / from U-Haul Going Nowhere by Steve Carr

Somewhere along the way he runs out of money and the guy that owns the place knocks on Mick’s door. He stands outside of the half-open doorway while his sweaty, spotty tenant mumbles excuses. / from Threadbare by Bethany Cody

And so, the doctor went to his bed first to tell him the good news. Thanks to his healthy diet and lifestyle, it would be an uphill battle, but he could expect to survive this round. / from The Man I Could’ve Been by J.J. González

Beware the anger trotted out, / dusted off and laid bare to reflections in a bloodshot eye / from She Follows Her Heart by Catherine Lee

He asks to see the list and the money. I take them out. After he reviews them, he flips the auto-lock to “open” so I can get out. / from Daily List by Joan Leotta

She doesn’t really like these little monitors, though. She can never get them at quite the right angle and then, if she does, the person in front always shoves their seat back … / from The Smell of Ketchup by David Cook

To everyone’s surprise she passed the entrance exam for university. Her chosen subject was philosophy because she wanted to learn how the world worked. / from Shrinking Violet by Sandra Arnold

Jill snatched the map out of his hands, held her palm out for the compass, and glared at him until he handed it over. / from Lost by Cynthia Leslie-Bole

My records indicate there is a boy capable of such greatness due to his curiosity, photographic memory, keen mind, and attitude of kindness. He finds learning easy and flies through requirements … / from Second Chance by Lois Perch Villemaire

Don’t forget our time-capsule / We buried in the ground. / I could really do with it / More than ever, now. / from A delay on the line by Roy Duffield

“Fair?” he sneered. “Why should a fairytale be fair? It’s never been fair before.” / from Fair, Unfair by Georgia Cook

Beware the anger trotted out, / dusted off and laid bare to reflections in a bloodshot eye / from The Devil Takes the Could-a-beens by Doug Jacquier

Peering down at the black rocks and the lacing of the waves as they burst against them, I didn’t notice the fog coming in until the rocks and sea suddenly became invisible. / from Disorientation by Mantz Yorke

“I’m confused,” he confessed to the linen-shift, red-robed guru who was asking the standard introductory questions. “Things used to be so simple.” / from Universal Rules by Jenean McBrearty

You can do it. So don’t worry your little head at all, a girl can do this just as well a man, if properly trained—by a man—haha. / from Caught In It by Louella Lester

In the musty, empty classroom / at the end of the day / I am surprised none even ask / from Endings by Angelo Auciello

So many things went wrong. / The first kiss with the / wrong person. / The last kiss with the / right person / from That Flicker of Perfection by Dev Berger

The bruise on my forehead, even under makeup, is visible in the wedding pictures I’m quick to reduce to ashes, at the awakening six months in. He’s gone … / from Late Awakening by Jan McCarthy

“Well, I was rounding this curve, I guess a bit too fast, and my car skidded off the road.” My speech must have been slurred because the next thing I knew, I was exhaling into a breathalyzer. / from Restart Again by Barbara Schilling Hurwitz

Now Kimberly is Prego like the pasta sauce we eat on carb day before her triathlons. Even with a bigger belly she maintains eight-pack abs. / from Sexercise by Corey Miller

I couldn’t tell you the reason I / went was the same reason / I left. / from Leaving the Solomons by Deborah Metvedt


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