Wild: a collection

by  Gill Hoffs

130 pages – originally published in paperback June 2012

paperback ISBN: 978-1-925101-92-8

eBook ISBN:  978-1-925101-93-5   /   Kindle ISBN: 978-0-9922778-4-0

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From mermaids to moors and basements to beaches … Gill Hoffs takes us on a wild ride through the Yorkshire wilderness to Victorian England, the coasts of Japan, Scotland and Ireland, a 1920s American train, and a hidden basement, in this collection of fact, fiction and the half-truths in between.

fiction and non-fiction, with an introduction by Jeremy Scott


what people are saying about Wild

In her tales, Gill Hoffs’ unique voice has tamed nature, creating narratives of raw beauty. When I put the book down, I could taste the salt of the green sea on my tongue.

Marcus Speh, author of Thank You for Your Sperm


Gill Hoffs’ writing, fiction and non, swells with the power of life, sometimes life at the expense of other lives, but always animated and alive.

Ronnie Scott, author of Death by Design, and editor of Tommy’s War, Tommy’s Peace and The Real ‘Dad’s Army’


As a writer (Gill Hoffs) has that rare ability to create a world, an atmosphere the reader is obliged to inhabit. She beguiles you, sucks you in … then deeply unsettles you.

Jeremy Scott, author of The Irresistible Mr Wrong, in his Introduction to Wild


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