The Absent Bassoonist Music Folio 4

The Absent Bassoonist is the 4th in Pure Slush’s Music series.

Submissions will open 1st September 2023.

Here is the set-up for the anthology …

The Quonsettville Community Orchestra is set to open the newly-built New LaChute Cultural Center with a sparkling concert.

The concert on Saturday 18th June 2023, will include the first public performance in 68 years of Dudley Donegal O’Day’s magnificent (and very underrated) Triple Bassoon Concerto (transcribed for two bassoons).

But on the night of the concert, First Bassoonist Solomon Schweitzer never arrives.


We want to know what Solomon is doing instead of showing up to perform.

What do you believe happened to Solomon?

To set the scene for the anthology, click here for the story An Empty Chair.

For some simple facts about Solomon (so we’re all on the same page), click here.

For a map of Quonsettville, where the action in The Absent Bassoonist is set, click here.


Your The Absent Bassoonist submission must be:

  • original, so previously unpublished online or in print (so that includes authors’ websites and blogs)
  • 150 word minimum limit for stories / maximum 1000 words. (That’s for each story: maximum number of stories you can submit is 3.)
  • not poetry (we are not seeking poetry)
  • must include mention of Solomon Schweitzer, his whereabouts, and his reason/s for not showing up to the concert.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Solomon is not dead. Nor does he show up to play at the end of the concert. Nor does Bethany Thackeray know where he is nor was she involved in his non-appearance. Solomon and Bethany are not secret lovers or conspirators, and she is genuine in her claim she does not know why he has not arrived for the performance, nor does she know where he might be.


You must be minimum 18 years of age to submit.

If you have any questions, please email

For other topics re submitting and rights etc, click here.





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