’25 Books by Friends’ list

We are very pleased to find 4 books from the Bequem Publishing catalogue included in Nancy Stohlman‘s annual ’25 Books by Friends’ list.

The books include

Rattle of Want  by  Gay Degani

The Crazed Wind  by  Nod Ghosh

Kiss Kiss  by  Paul Beckman  and

On the Bitch  by  Matt Potter


Find the complete list by clicking here.


Thanks Nancy, and happy reading!

Pure Slush turns 8!

Happy 8th birthday Pure Slush!
Since publishing our first story on 8th December 2010 – ‘Black Bears and Green Broccoli Trees’ by Susan Gibb – Pure Slush has gone on to:
• spawn 2 further imprints (Truth Serum Press and Everytime Press)
• spawn a book formatting / design / editing service (Zwischen Publishing)
… which has then lead to …
• 74 books being published in print and eBook and
• thousands of stories, essays and poems being published online and in print.
To find our where and how it all began, click here

Fully operational

Pure Slush is now fully operational at this new site.

You can still find us at our old website, but there is not much there of current relevance. Stories, poems and essays previously published online, from 2010 to 2017, however, are still available through the All Stories page.

If you find some links are not working, please let us know at edpureslush@live.com.au, and we will endeavour to fix them.


the Pure Slush team