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SAVE 30% on our paperbacks!

The Bequem Publishing POD (print on demand) service is currently having a 30% OFF SALE on paperbacks.

(This is the biggest discount they ever offer.)

The discount is available now and through November 29th.

The code to use at the checkout is JOYFUL30.

This discount applies to ALL our paperbacks published through our POD service, and you can find the entire Bequem Publishing catalogue by clicking here.

Bequem Publishing includes the imprints

Submission dates changed

While we at Pure Slush like to plan ahead, some times we grow over-enthusiastic and then, later, have to pull back a little …

And so it is with submission dates for Forthcoming projects.

Dates were announced some time ago and amended and now they have been amended again. (On Sunday 20th November 2022, to be precise.)

(“Why?” you ask. “Because it’s organic,” we reply.)

Actually, there are many reasons for this. If you really want to delve, email us at

We apologise for any inconvenience, but think it’s better to delay than cancel.

Snatches of an Aria now released!

Snatches of an Aria, the first volume in Pure Slush‘s Music Folio series, has now been released.

Click here for:  paperback, ePub eBook and Kindle eBook.

For a taste of Snatches of an Aria, click here.



Snatches of an Aria features the work of 53 writers, including Dorothy Bauer, S.M. Beckett, Henry Bladon, Rose Mary Boehm, William Butler, R.C. Capasso, Eithne Cullen, Claudette Currie, Chris Daly, Michael Dioguardi, Jane C. Elkin, Lynn Eustis, Steve Evans, Amalia Fish, TS S. Fulk, Gabby Gilliam, Hei Gou, Ronald T. Hardwick, Matthew Hisbent, GP Hyde, Christine Johnson, DB Jonas, Sarah Jane Justice, Stephen Kingston, Len Kuntz, Rachel Loughlin, Jenean McBrearty, Rob McKinnon, Mandy Toczek McPeake, Barbara Meier, Karla Linn Merrifield, David P. Miller, Remngton Murphy, Sarah Oakes, Eamon O’Leary, Sylvia Petter, Margaret Plaganis, Matt Potter, Ian Reid, Judith Shapiro, Cheryl Snell, Brenda Spears, Mary L. Tabor, Foster Trecost, Lydia Trethewey, Pri Victor, Catherine Wald, Townsend Walker, Tony Warner, Lillo Way, Michael Webb, Rachel Weld and Allan J. Wills.