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52 | 250 … Ten Years Later

52 | 250 A Year in Flash

was a ground-breaking project that helped develop the craft of many writers … and changed lives!

It ran from 2010 into 2011, and its basic parameter was  250 words a week, for 52 weeks, and each week based on a new prompt.

“It was international, it was about creativity, and it was limited to 52 weeks. It was beautiful.”


now . . . 52 | 250 Ten Years Later

Project editors Michelle Elvy and John Wentworth Chapin have announced the call for submissions for the celebratory 52 | 250 anthology, to be published in 2021.

Details for this project are posted on the 52 | 250 website, and you can find out more about anthology guidelines by clicking here.

The submission call is open to participants from the original 52 | 250 year … and to newcomers.

Submit before the first light of dawn, January 4, 2021.

Michelle and John look forward to seeing your submissions.

‘100 Lives Pure Slush Vol. 20’ now released in paperback

100 Lives Pure Slush Vol. 20 has now been published in paperback!

To purchase 100 Lives in paperback, click here.

eBook versions to follow soon.

This is our 100th print book, and celebrates 10 years in publishing … our 10th birthday is 6th December 2020.

100 Lives – in 50 poems, and 50 stories and essays – celebrates people’s lives, giving us a window into different experiences and illuminating other perspectives.

For a taste of 100 Lives, click here.

100 Lives features the work of Alex Reece Abbott, Sara Abend-Sims, Edward Ahern, Tobi Alfier, Essam M. Al-Jassim, Marwan F. Al-Sheriffi, Elaine Barnard, Priscilla Be, Paul Beckman, Liam J. Blackley, Henry Bladon, John Bost, Howard Brown, Pat Bubul, Daniela Buccilli, David Butler, Steve Carr, Chuka Susan Chesney, Ane Christensen, Jan Chronister, Dave Clark, Lisa Costa, Anthony Crutcher, Francisco G Delgadillo, Ruth Z. Deming, Zélia De Sousa, Michael Dioguardi, Jacqueline Doyle, Bina Sarkar Ellias, Michael Estabrook, Barbara Geiger, Flemming George, JW Goll, Ken Gosse, Jonnie Guernsey, Chris Hall, Emmie Hamilton, Mie Hansson, Ryn Holmes, Mark Hudson, Sheena Hussain, Phillis Ideal, Doug Jacquier, Joanne Jagoda, Tim Jarvis, Airea Johnson, Louise Lameko, Martha Landman, Jim Landwehr, Ron. Lavalette, Christine Law, Larry Lefkowitz, Cynthia Leslie-Bole, Mike Lewis-Beck, Christian Lozada, Sally-Anne Macomber, Joy Mawby, Jenean McBrearty, Jan McCarthy, Trisha McKee, Barbara A. Meier, Karla Linn Merrifield, John Moody, Allan Howie Muir, Mark A. Murphy, Remngton Murphy, Kevin Oberlin, Carl ‘Papa’ Palmer, DeLeon Peacock, Gary Percesepe, Matt Potter, Harsh Ramchandani, Colleen Rich, Leah Rogin, Jennifer Rose, Ruth Sabath Rosenthal, Rosie Sandler, Rikki Santer, Gerard Sarnat, Carla Schick, Sam and Sandy Schuman, Iris N. Schwartz, Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri, Beate Sigriddaughter, Jonathan Slusher, Lisa Stice, David Strickland, James Sullivan, Lydia Trethewey, Lucy Tyrrell, Patricia Unsworth, Jill Vance, Karen Walker, Gertrude Walsh, Robert Walton, Sarah Williams, Allan J. Wills, Rita Wilson, Melissa Wong, Amelia Clare Wright and Mantz Yorke.






‘Wrong Way Go Back’ now an ePub eBook

Wrong Way Go Back Pure Slush Vol. 19 has now been released in ePub eBook.

ePubs can be read on all eReaders (except Kindle) and all Apple devices.

You can also find the paperback here.

Find tastes of Wrong Way Go Back by clicking here.

Wrong Way Go Back features poems, stories and essays by Alex Reece Abbott, Ahmed M. Al-Asa’adi, Tobi Alfier, Gemma Al-Khayat, Diana Allgair, Sandra Arnold, Angelo Auciello, Cathie Aylmer, Jacqueline Bartle, James Bell, Dev Berger, John Bost, Howard Brown, Anika Carpenter, Steve Carr, Anne Casey, Chuka Susan Chesney, Kersten Christianson, Jan Chronister, Dave Clark, Bethany Cody, Peter Collins, Lisa Collyer, David Cook, Georgia Cook, Tony Daly, Charles N. deGravelles, Roy Duffield, James FitzGibbon, Michael Gigandet, J.J. González, Jodi Pilcher Gordon, Ken Gosse, Anne Howkins, Mark Hudson, Barbara Schilling Hurwitz, Nneoma Ike-Njoku, Doug Jacquier, Paul Jauregui, Pam Knapp, Eddy Knight, Martha Landman, Tréa Lavery, Christine Law, Erica Plouffe Lazure, Catherine Lee, Joan Leotta, Cynthia Leslie-Bole, Louella Lester, Valentina Linardi, Kirsten Luckins, Maduabuchi Macdonald, Clare Marsh, Jenean McBrearty, Jan McCarthy, Rachael Mead, Barbara A. Meier, Deborah Meltvedt, Corey Miller, Remngton Murphy, Zach Murphy, Carl ‘Papa’ Palmer, Gary Percesepe, Christopher Pham, Sandy Phillips, Melisa Quigley, Emma Robertson, Anna Ross, Ed Ruzicka, Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri, Martin Shaw, Jonathan Slusher, Robert Steward, Crystal Stewart, Andrea Tate, Isabel Thompson, Jennifer Thrall, Lucy Tyrrell, Judy Upton, Lois Perch Villemaire, Lauren Bronwyn Wagner, Robert Walton, Sarah Williams, Melissa Wong, Larry Wright and Mantz Yorke