The Shitlist Pure Slush Vol. 16

??? pages – published October 2019

paperback ISBN: 978-1-925536-90-4

eBook ISBN: 978-1-925536-91-1

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The premise: town librarian Euphoria Rivers has left town, leaving behind a scathing list of all those who have offended, upset and wronged her during her time at the library.

The Shitlist tells us who made the list, and why …


Featuring stories by Jane Andrews, Jim Bell, Claudia Bierschenk, Howard Brown, Shanique Burton, William Butler, Chuka Susan Chesney, Rachael Dickzen, Tom Fegan, G. P. Gottlieb, Samuel Gullikson, Chris Hall, Jenna Hillhouse, Kathryn Hood, Mary Krakow, Mike Lewis-Beck, Vickie J. Litten, Patience Mackarness, Sally-Anne Macomber, Lance Manion, Jan McCarthy, Keira Morgan, Christopher Muscato, Matt Potter, Melisa Quigley, David Rae, Bruno Rodriguez, Holly Saiki, Jessica Schneider, Beatriz Seelaender, Tim Thompson, Michael Webb, Benjamin Whitaker and Gary Zenker