100 Lives


Yes, slightly early … but we now have the intended 50 poems and 50 prose pieces we wanted for the project.

100 Lives Pure Slush Vol. 20 will be released in November 2020, for our 10th anniversary (6th December 2020).


We planned to CLOSE submissions on 31st July 2020 … but also noted the submission period could end sooner if we have 100 accepted submissions sooner …

We are now ONLY accepting prose pieces for this project, as we have now met our quota of 50 poems. We will definitely be closing all submissions for this project sooner, as we only have a few spots for prose pieces left too.


To celebrate 10 years of publishing (our 10th anniversary is December 2020), we are calling for submissions for our 100th print book!

The theme for the anthology is life / memoir / biography, and the book will be called 100 Lives.

We will include 100 stories, essays and poems.

We will have 50 poems, and 50 prose pieces.

PLEASE NOTE: we are not seeking cutesy stories that might appear in magazine’s like That’s Life or New Idea or People … we want the real deal, here!

Your submission must be:

  • original, so previously unpublished online or in print (so that includes authors’ websites and blogs)
  • 150 word minimum limit for fiction and non-fiction, stories and essays / maximum 1000 words
  • 80 word minimum limit for poetry (this is about a life, after all!) / maximum 1000 words
  • must be about someone’s life
  • titled after the person about whom your story, essay or poem is written.

How many can I submit? We suggest up to 5 poems and 2 stories maximum … otherwise we will start to look at the clock. Please also note we only accept one piece from a writer for a project. So submit 2 stories and 5 poems (2 + 5 = 7) … and we will only accept 1 submission for inclusion and publication.

You must be minimum 18 years of age.


To submit, click here. Please include the words 100 LIVES, plus your name and the title of your submission, and the word count. (Please note: word counts do not include titles or your name.)

If you are new to Pure Slush, please include a brief bio or profile of yourself.

If you have any questions, please email edpureslush@live.com.au.


For other topics re submitting and rights etc, click here.