Boléro at Breakfast Music Folio 3

Boléro at Breakfast is the 3rd anthology in Pure Slush‘s Music series.

Here is the set-up …

Every weekday morning at 7.05 (directly after the 7.00am news), Brendalee Bernard, host of Breakfast with Brendalee (6.30am to 9.15am) on Quonsettville, Vermont’s only community radio station WVOC 91.3FM, plays Boléro by Maurice Ravel.

That’s 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, at 7.05am, immediately after the 7.00am news.

She doesn’t play the same recording of it every day though, and has five different recordings she alternates at whim.

Brendalee began broadcasting Boléro in 2015, and she plans to continue broadcasting it until the day she retires … whenever that will be. (Brendalee celebrated her 85th birthday on December 1st 2022.)

On Tuesday January 17th 2023, Brendalee played Boléro as usual … she chose to play the recording of Herbert von Karajan conducting the Berliner Philharmoniker, originally released on Deutsche Grammophon in 1966 …

… and in some way, this January 17th broadcast is heard in your story.

It might be heard live on WVOC 91.3FM, in which case your story would take place in the morning, in or near Quonsettville, Vermont. (Find a map of Quonsettville by clicking here.)

It might also be heard online at, as all WVOC’s programmes are live streamed. (They are NOT recorded for streaming later, though.)

If it’s heard online, where will your story take place, and at what local time?

The rest of your story is up to you … so it could be about many things. Boléro might be central to your story, or very much in the background.

Please read the anthology’s opening story, which sets the scene – click here for Happy Birthday, Laurentine!

Listen to von Karajan and the Berliner Philharmoniker’s performance of Boléro on YouTube by clicking here.


Your Boléro at Breakfast submission must be:

  • original, so previously unpublished online or in print (so that includes authors’ websites and blogs)
  • 150 word minimum limit for stories / maximum 1000 words. (That’s for each story: maximum number of stories you can submit is 3.)
  • not poetry (we are not seeking poetry)
  • must include mention of Boléro being broadcast on WVOC 91.3FM on Brendalee’s program on Tuesday 17th January 2023.

You must be minimum 18 years of age to submit.

If you have any questions, please email

For other topics re submitting and rights etc, click here.

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