Brendalee’s Back Announcement

Radio announcers often back announce the music they have just played on their show.

So in the interests of consistency across all the stories that will feature in Boléro at Breakfast, this is Brendalee Bernard‘s back announcement of the Regular Ravel Request on her show Breakfast with Brendalee on WVOC 91.3FM on Tuesday 17th January 2023.

“As always … what a superb ending!

You have been listening to Herr Herbert von Karajan und die Berliner Philharmoniker and the sixteen minutes and ten seconds of pure joy that is Maurice Ravel’s Boléro.

Takes me back to 1966 … what were you doing in 1966?

Tune in tomorrow at 7.05am for another stellar performance of the same breathtaking masterpiece by another thrilling orchestra under the baton of another of the world’s most brilliant conductors.

It’s now 7.22am this Tuesday the seventeenth of January and you’re listening to Breakfast with Brendalee on WVOC 91.3FM, your community voice in Quonsettville.

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