‘Conversations’ has been cancelled …

Conversations Pure Slush Vol. 21 has been cancelled.

Unfortunately, despite the submission period having only recently closed, we have decided to cancel the ‘Conversations’ anthology project.

The original intention was for the anthology to be filled entirely with direct speech, so quoted speech without speech tags.

“I think I’ll just stay home and bake a cake.”

“Well, it’s good you’re finally expanding your social connections.”


I think I’ll just stay home and bake a cake.

Well, it’s good you’re finally expanding your social connections.

Etc …

There are two main reasons why many submissions do not fit the expected parameters.

The first is, the guidelines  were obviously not explicit enough for all submitters.

The second is, there were overly-generous interpretations of these guidelines.

Initially we thought, well, this is not the first time our expectations have been challenged or changed, so let’s continue …

But Pure Slush (and Truth Serum Press) anthologies have always had a theme or a unique structure or both: that’s what we’re known for!

And upon reading more submissions, we realised not only was the anthology not turning out as planned, it didn’t have a unifying theme or structure either.

It was just a group of poems, stories and essays with little or nothing to connect them. Hence the decision to cancel.

We apologise for any inconvenience this cancellation has caused.

Our next submission period opens 15th April 2021 for Friendship Lifespan Vol. 3.

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