Summer progress

If you have submitted for the Pure Slush anthologies Appointment at 10.30 Pure Slush Vol. 22 and Work Lifespan Vol. 5, please note:

Appointment at 10.30 is being proof-read (i.e. it’s formatted and in book form); and

Work is being worked through (i.e. we are processing through the submissions, so have accepted some but still have others to read).

Why is it taking so long?

Well … we’re still in holiday mode, basically, and will be for much of January.

This is the long(er) summer holiday in Australia (where Bequem Publishing is based) and we’re feeling that summer holiday vibe.

Plus, we’ve been putting time into:

• establishing our new imprint Erectus and

Everytime Press has been fielding non-fiction manuscript queries.

Thanks for your patience.

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