The Shitlist

If you wish to be involved in this collaborative project, please read all the information on this page. If you don’t read it all, it may mean your story or story idea will be rejected.

Submissions OPENED June 21st 2019.

Submissions NOW CLOSE September 30th 2019.

Listed below is info on the project … to find out how to submit, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

This is a new project for 2019 … a collection of stories set in and around the town of Quonsettville, Vermont, set off by a particular event.

Here’s the idea behind the anthology … Quonsettville’s Chief Librarian, Mrs Euphoria Rivers, has left town for good. We know this because she posted a letter to the editor of the local newspaper. On the back of the letter, the librarian has written a list of all the people in town she believes have driven her away. She has labelled this list, The Shitlist. (Please note, that the shitlist is NOT published in the local paper, but it distributed throughout the town by someone else: click here to find out.)

Writers are invited to contribute STORIES (sorry, not poetry, just stories for this anthology), with a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 1500 words per story.

This project involves imagination and humour (or humor). But what we don’t want is 10 stories about her secret lover and 5 stories about the secret baby she adopted out as a teenager who came back to make her life difficult … so please contact us with your idea. Email us at

We want stories about townspeople the librarian knows, who have lives in Quonsettville. Be imaginative and expansive and real.

Why would your character be on The Shitlist? What did your character do to earn a place on The Shitlist?

We want to know.

WHAT WE ALSO DON’T WANT is stories from Euphoria’s perspective, or using her 1st person POV. Your story must be told from the perspective of another person, whether in the 1st or 3rd person.

(PLEASE NOTE: the story One Fine June Morning and the Quonsettville Quacker article from April 2008 detailing Euphoria’s appointment as Chief Librarian – find the article by clicking here and scrolling down the page – will be included in the book.)

For a list of issues currently faced by small towns in Vermont, click here. This is a great way to work in some background detail into your story.

Click here for the opening story One Fine June Morning … you will need to read this to fully understand the premise of The Shitlist.

For some handy facts and figures about Quonsettville, Vermont, click here.

For some handy facts and figures about Euphoria Rivers, the woman who sent the letter, click here.

Find a map of Quonsettville by clicking here.

Find a burgeoning list of characters already written about in Quonsettville by clicking here.


How to submit for The Shitlist.

We are accepting submissions via Submittable … please include your name, story title and maximum word count in your document’s name, and send via this link.